Monday, 23 June 2014

Winner, winner chicken(less) dinner!

It's pretty obvious (judging by the number of recipes) that breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. Dinner is probably my least favourite.
Usually, I've come home from school, or wherever, have done some homework and want a simple esy dinner, like roast veggies, a mixed veggie mash or even just eggs on toast.
So I sometimes get a surprise when my creative pants stay on that little bit longer and I make a truly awesome (delicious) dinner!
Some recent ones include:
A baked sweet potato with a side of chili pesto pasta, steamed greens and cannellini beans topped with some vegan cheese (heated in microwave for 30 seconds)
Super colourful, veggie-filled and more importantly mout-wateringly good!

* Sorry about the awful pictures (automatic flash alert!) but dinner is at night time, night equals no natural light and light box is too far for my lazy body to walk ;)
I still think it looks pretty yum!
My other super good dinner was... a hot dog! Of course knowing me, I changed it up a bit!
My 'hot-dog' dinner turned out to be a spelt hot-dog bun with some hommus, spinach and tomato, topped with one of these awesome vegan sausages and some salsa!
On the side was some roasted potato and celeriac and also a pumpkin mash with spinach and the other sausage I cooked up, torn apart.

Again, the horrible photograph does it no favours at all, but trust me when I say it was good!
Now I need to get back to my simple-pimple dinner of roast veggies and quinoa (that I'm preparing at 4:45pm) so dinner will be ready when I come back from Zumba! (7:30pm) Does anyone else love cold roast veggies?
I hope everyone had a good Monday and it's not long now until holidays! (for me at least;) :D

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