Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Thinking out loud... Bring on the randomness!

Hello, hello and welcome once more to a Thinking Out Loud Thursday via Running with Spoons! Where I get to think.. out loud.. and then tell you guys about it :)
And because my thoughts are so jumbled and random, they will also be in point form!
Yes this is me right at the moment:
 1. While I was making lunch the other day, I was standing there day dreaming out of the window, fiddling with my camera and stirring something or other that probably didn't need a stir, when I sort of looked around and realised only a true foodies cooking of lunch can be so hectic:

I mean three burners.. wow Steph. Wow.
What was I making for lunch? Some sort of pasta, veggie, pesto dish thing:
See- pasta, torn up veggie sausage, spinach, steamed sweet potato, potato and carrot and some peas and corn:
All mixed together with some Jamie Oliver chili garlic pesto:

T'was good:)
2. I also realised I take way too many pictures of my food- these were the few I did choose!
I just thought the colours were so pretty :)
3.I guess this love of pretty colours was the reason I decided to take a picture of the late afternoon sky the other day:
Mmmm.. pink:)
4. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but this week has been a blissfully quiet week in my household as it's just been mum and me! My sister, brother and Dad were all away doing stuff. So I have been sibling-abuse free now for a good 4 days!
Sibling-abuse you ask... looks a little something like this:

 And this:

 You see, I fall for these things. Every.Single.Time
5. Instead of sibling abuse, there has been some fantastic buys.. like this:

Yeah ok, not that exciting, but I've always wanted one of these, now I can make BIG cakes that last longer than a day before going stale :)
6. Lastly, this is really random and out of the blue, but I'm sure everyone agrees with me:
Am I right!?!
So there you have it.. some Thinking out loud!

But before you go how about a quote from one of the true geniuses of this world:

See ya later! :D


  1. Aaaaaand now I'm craving pasta at 6:30 in the morning. Thanks :P That dish seriously looks tasty, though, and I know exactly what you mean about the kitchen being a hectic place when you start cooking... Sometimes I feel like all I ever do is clean my kitchen...

  2. The pasta looks amazing! Also, the Disney Singers chart is awesome! Loved it!

  3. Your pasta-veggie dish looks tasty.

  4. Amanda, sorry about the early pasta cravings.. however I wouldn't mind pasta for breakfast. So I say go with it!
    Thanks so much ljones83 and Flora, the pasta dish is a favourite recipe and you can find a few like it on my main meals page :)


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