Wednesday, 23 July 2014

WIAW #15- All-time favourites!

Hello, hello folks! I can't believe again that it's Wednesday already! I'm not complaining though.. I love Wednesdays as not only do I get to post my awesome eats ;) with no explanation, I also get to look at what everyone else's been eating! Let's face it- we're all sticky beaks :)
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I've included bits of yesterday and today as I started back at school yesterday and didn't manage to find the time to get a post up yesterday!
First day back to school was:
 A classic! Home-made spelt/rye bread with cashew butter and a side of banana/mango yoghurt (I whole banana, a handful of frozen mango and 3 spoonfuls of greek yoghurt whazzed togetehr until smooth)

Breakfast today was another classic (for me anywho!)
Home-made granola over banana ice cream.
The granola was muesli mixed with cashew butter and milk which was first heated in the microwave before being rubbed into the muesli. Then it was baked in a 180 degrees celsius oven for around 15 mins until golden.
The banana ice cream was a vanilla cheesecake version with 1 frozen banana, 2 big spoonfuls of greek yoghurt and a scoop of vanilla prtoein powder, all whazzed up in the food processor:
And because I don't lie to you guys here on this blog... what my breakfast actually looked like when I ate it:

Yesterdays lunch was a simple, boring salad with a simple boring lemon dressing... so no photo :)
Today's lunch was another old-time fav:

A grilled veggie sandwich!
Fruit. Lot's of fruit:

This delicious bowl was some cooked wholemeal pasta with pesto, steamed veggies (pumpkin, sweet potato and parsnip),baked mushrooms and eggplant and some sauteed Quorn mince.
 Lastly a cool new find at the super market:
Black tahini? AWESOME! I see it like the vegan version of squid ink! And, yes it did feature in my dinner of simple steamed veggies, brown rice, roasted tomatoes and garlic tofu:
How cool does it look!

So there you go, 2 days of eats featuring a lot of old loves and all-time favourites! Don't forget to check out what everyone else has been up to on the food front!

Ciao! :D

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