Thursday, 19 March 2015

Addictions... Thinking Out Loud :)

Hidy-ho friendly friends!! It's another manic Thursday over here in the eastern side of the Southern hemisphere between the latitudes of 10-46 degrees south with a longitude ranging from 110-160 degrees east. Or Australia if you prefer.

Manic= Steph turning into a random blabbing fruitcake, which is perfect for the weekly link-up Spoons runs- Thinking Out Loud!

Without further ado I give you my week- random-style!

1. Roasted potatoes
Somebody tell me what is in roasted potatoes and why are they allowed to sell vegetables that contain addictive drugs?
It's the only conclusion I have come to explaining my current obsession that has been going strong for a good few months now.
 Lunch last week- roasted orange & white sweet potato with a grilled veggie burger, spinach and snow pea sprouts
I can't stop!!
 Something about the crunchy, chewy outside and the soft, creamy inside has captured my heart and won't give it back!
 In all honesty, I'm not complaining though. So many nutrients and good stuff that if I had to be addicted to anything, potatoes would be the way to go!

2. Then there's human bio...
As much as I adore eating my roasted potatoes, I will never be able to enjoy them to their absolute full potential again. All thanks to human bio and the fact that we are working through the digestive system.
If you're at all interested I can tell you- in detail- the journey our ingested food takes through the body and all the lovely things that happen to it, with reference to videos showing inside views... of real people... real digestion.
This is me every lesson

Bile is already a bad enough word as it is, but once you see it being secreted by the gall bladder... you ain't never gonna be able to happily relax with a full stomach again. Ever.

3. Nut butters
Now I was happily making myself breakfast the other day when a thought came to me. See, sometimes I get obsessions with looking at serving sizes on different things (because I find some of them absolutely laughable) and so checked up on my tiny little jar of almond butter (which lasts me what? A week?)
See? Look how teensy!
Apparently... and you are not going to believe this (if you're anything like me) there are 25 serves in that teensy little pot of almond butter. 25!! You're kidding me right!?! Madness I tell you. I seriously think one of those jars lasts me 10 serves. Max. Ahh well, lets just forget about that serving size. :)

4. I have this issue with sitting.
I don't know what it is but for some reason my legs try to physically attack me if I sit down to long (in the form of cramps and pain) and when I say too long I mean over an hour. Yep, good times. This does make some situations awkward/ uncomfortable for me. For example at the movies- I mean I could stand up and stretch a bit but.... I think I may annoy a few people. Also exams. Who would design a test that went for 3+ hours? Madness. And no, the teacher does not appreciate people standing up and going for a walk around the classroom.
Those sort of situations I deal with, but if I don't have to be sitting, I probably won't be. Like when I'm doing homework at home, however this isn't the best for my neck as I need to look down at the table my books are on for long periods of time. I knew what I needed.

I also knew how to get one!
Random fact about me: My Grandfather was a builder so we are always taking advantage of his carpentry skills when we require them- shelves, easels, broken taps- you name it! So...

He built me my very own standing desk! Success!
This is me using my standing desk:
Look at that smile! Now I just need to figure out how to attach that hamster wheel in the pic above...
But seriously- it is awesome, I am so chuffed and I feel like I'm actually getting more homework done because I'm comfortable- it's the perfect height for me! Now I just need to figure out how to move this massive computer onto it... until then it's head down, feet stretched apart when writing blog posts! :D

Well, that was only 4 points.. but I feel like I rambled on for long enough, right?

Your turn!
What's a food you think is laced with illegal substances as it is so addicting?
Do you have a problem with sitting?
Would you use a hamster wheel desk? I know I would! Come on  school- get onto it!

That's just me Thinking Out Loud! Head on over to Spoons if you want to see the crazy, random-ness other people are thinking about! Bye!! :D


  1. Yes, I have the same problem with sitting so long! In school or in meetings, it can be crazy annoying, especially since no one else feels the same. We just started the digestive system in biology too ;) Hahaha

  2. Yes, I do think processed foods have something in them that makes them addictive.
    I use my exercise ball sometimes to sit on. Love the stand up desk!

  3. I think nut butter jars should not have serving sizes, because they are always so laughable! Uhm, I’m pretty sure that jar has MAX 5 servings for me. Once I start, I cannot be stopped. PB is just too good.

  4. Lea,
    I'm so glad you understand! No body else seems to mind but me!!
    I have an exercise ball in my room... I get pretty distracted playing on it rather than sitting on it though... :)
    Yeh, I was going to say about 5 too and then I thought I might freak people out- but I'm exactly the same!!
    Thanks for your comments!
    Steph 2 chef xxxx

  5. Steph, I'm totally with you on the sitting...ugh! I think it's body adhd! Hahaha! My body just doesn't like to be still! And it's a relief to know I'm not the only one who cannot conceptualize that a jar of nut butter is supposed contain that me servings! I thought I had a problem....well maybe I do but at least I'm not alone!

  6. I love nut butters...I am going to make some almond butter! Great post:)

  7. Heather,
    Body adhd, couldn't have put it better myself!
    Go make some almond butter! I think I'll go make some brazil nut butter! :)
    Steph 2 chef xxx

  8. I'm so with you on the serving sizes for nut butters I mean really one service size isn't enough to even taste.....

  9. Tricia,
    Exactly! I think we should be in charge of writing the serving sizes... or maybe not! ;)
    Steph 2 chef xxx


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