Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Thinking Out Loud! Hello Random!

Definition: Proceeding, made, or occurring without definite aim, reason, or pattern.
Synonyms: Accidental, aimless, odd, purposeless....
....and also this post, right here, right now!
Luckily, the wonderful Amanda at Running With Spoons hosts a weekly link-up for just this type of post and accurately names it Thinking Out Loud!  
So it's time for me to think. out. loud! Brace yourselves!
 Ok, are we all in a random mood yet? Good!
1 I feel like we first need to take a moment to appreciate the sun and it's light creating abilities.
This is where I eat brekky in the mornings in Summer, as it is pretty and lovely outside and food photography becomes half decent.
 And just take a moment to digest how epic the sun was being to me that day. It was shining directly in the place I sit and take photos. No where else but there. Top job sun!

Then it impressed me even further the following day: 
Ok Mr sun, you can stop sucking up now.
I wonder where I should eat brekky today? The possibilities are endless:
Yep, right in the middle looks right.

2. Something else that impressed me this week was this strawberry:

That is probably the most perfect strawberry ever created. Probably.
It's just the typical strawberry you only see in cartoons. Then it was like, 'Hello there! I'm real!' and I was all like, 'Nom.'
Tasted pretty good too.

3. Probably not as good as coconut butter though, because on my top 10 foods list of top 10 awesome-ness, coconut butter is probably number 3, behind nut butter, bananas and sweet potato (and possibly some other foods that have slipped my mind) and thus I have been eating a lot of it lately.
Mainly on top of chocolate oats.
I just don't understand how taking something as dry as dessicated coconut and whazzing it up to an inch of it's life, can create liquid ecstasy. I just don't get it.

4. Of course when consuming something so rich and decadent and fudgey and somebody stop me quickly... you need something refreshing and equally as tasty to balance it out. Enter fro-yo... of the green variety:
This fro-yo was not only green-ified through the use of frozen green grapes (a handful) but also a small handful of spinach added into the mini food processor with 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt:
Hello Shrek coloured fro-yo.
5. Also- does anyone else colour code their dishes?
Purple and blue to me indicate chocolate. Thus the chocolate oats in the purple cup and the blue spoon. Fruity yoghurt is a bright colour, maybe even a rainbow, represented here in the spotty cup and the light green spoon.
If there are berries involved the spoon will be pink. Mango= yellow and so on and so forth. Makes sense right? I'm not going to lie to you- I swear it tastes better in it's respected colour. I could never be one to try green tomato sauce it seems.
I still can't believe Heinz actually did this.

6. Nope, the only green sauce-type thing I will permit is pesto. Because pesto is liquid ecs... bliss. There cannot be two different liquid ecstasy's.
Which is why it is my topping of choice when making delicious veggie packed pizza!
I generally make pizza about once every fortnight and it is literally my favourite night- the kneading, rising, rolling, spreading, sprinkling, cooking and EATING is so much fun!
I did plan to make my typical pumpkin pizza base pizza this particular night, although I got caught up working on an assignment, ran out of time to chop, steam, mash and cool some pumpkin, so I simply made a plain spelt base and loaded up with some steamed pumpkin, parsnip, chopped capsicum, red onion, sun-dried tomatoes, tomato paste, vegan cheese and pesto!

I think pizza night is also a type of therapy for me. The extra time involved and then ofcourse the eating of it just sort of relaxes me.

7. On the topic of pizza toppings, it's a question that has passed many lips when talking to me about what I can actually eat (people seem to believe that cutting out a bit of wheat and dairy consequently cuts out every food on the planet) that being; 'So you can't eat pizza?'
Actually I can. And I do. Probably more frequently than you. It is good stuff.
And who needs cheese when you have pesto?

So much love.

What about you?
Feeling random today? Just me?
Ever have to chase the sun when trying to photograph your food? (that is if you photograph your food. *cough*)
Pizza- cheese a necessity or simple choice of condiment?

If your mind is still running after that explosion of awe-inspiring literature, then head on over to Spoons to see what everyone else has been thinking out loud about!
Bye for now folks! :D

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