Friday, 17 July 2015

Lacking Motivation... and what I plan to do about it!

As you may know (or may not know), as it is Winter here in Aus I have taken to moving my runs from the great outdoors to the inclosed... indoors :)

The treadmill, in case you're confused. ;)

Found this bizarre picture on the internet

Today, however, when I woke up I didn't groan with the pain of the cold as I poked a toe out of my delightfully warm and comfy blankets at the sheer coldness of the morning. Instead, I actually managed to lift myself from the bed and walk around with a t-shirt and trackies on, not crying with regret at having to leave the warmth!
So I decided to take my run outdoors (I also wanted to test to see if the treadmill was the cause of my lingering hip pain by experimenting with outdoor running again.) dressed in full length leggins of course...and what happened?

It turned out to be one of the longest/ hardest seeming runs I've had for a while. And no I didn't run for longer or push myself harder, I just didn't have the mental strength to power through as usual. And my body also felt fine! It was just my head playing with my body, where with every step I had to keep telling myself to 'Keep going!'

Now, I don't know about you, but that's not how I want my exercise to feel. So whilst out on this particular run I did some thinking and asked myself what movement my body has been loving lately?

My body has been loving these new weight lifting routines I've come across. My body has been loving high intensity workouts that leave me out of breath and exhausted in a matter of minutes. My body has been loving short, explosive exercises that get my adrenaline pumping. So at the minute my body just doesn't seem to want to stick it out and do long cardio sessions at a time, and I'm ok with that!
I've mentioned it before, our bodies changes and goes through different seasons of what's good for it. At one point, running 5 miles might be absolutely perfect and your body never looked better. Then a few months later you may find that 2 miles is actually what makes you feel good... and then a few months later you're up to 10! Who knows? All I know is that we have to listen to what makes our body feel good, because there is no point pushing yourself so hard to do something your body simply cannot handle at the moment because you probably won't see the results. There's a reason your body is fighting against it!

So, my plan to reignite my motivation and keep my body feeling fit and happy is to stick to what makes it feel good. 
 This passed Summer that looked like 5 days a week of long distance running. Now? Probably more like 2-3 days of HIIT workouts, 2 days of weight workouts and 2-3 days of 5-7km runs.

That's where I'm at with the exercise aspect of my life (an important aspect as it sets me up for feeling good during all other aspects of my life!) and knowing me and my body, next month will probably bring something completely different!

Your turn:
For the runners out there- do you sometimes take long periods off when your running just seems to be lacking? Or do you push through regardless?
Favourite type of exercise at the moment?
Type of exercise you wish you were a beast at? I watched a video on crossfit the other day and those people are insane! I wish I could do the things they do!!

That's it from me today folks, I hope you all have a lovely relaxing and/or exciting weekend planned, do something you love and eat something delicious! Also, in light of today's post- love your body!! Bye for now friends! :D

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