Saturday, 25 July 2015

Linking up!

Hidy-ho there friendly friends and HAPPY SUNDAY!

This Sunday's breakfast was quite an interesting one for me, as I didn't get around to grocery shopping yesterday (the designated grocery shopping day of the week) on account of working, so when I woke up famished and ready to throw something together... there wasn't too much to throw together!

Alas I did end up creating something, and of course it was on the day when I was absolutely starving for breakfast that food is limited! While I tried to decide on something I had half a glass of chilled almond milk and a teaspoon of nut butter to keep my mind focused. Then I threw together this guy:
That was a bowl of frozen cherry and banana ice cream:
1 frozen banana + big handful of frozen cherries- whazzed together in a food processor until smooth
Topped off with some home-made nut butter granola:
Quite tasty if I do say so myself!

However I don't think I'll be too surprised if I'm famished again in a few hours. Especially after doing some weight training this morning!!
 But that super cold and warm fudgey combo is just too good!
Now that you've heard all about my morning and #firstworldproblems I have some links for you, as it is Sunday!

I hope you find some good reads!



Good reads:

Aaaand I'm out! Grocery shopping awaits and then a whole pile of homework. Yeah, I know you wish you were me right now ;).

I hope you all have a fabulous Sunday. Rest, recover and rejuvenate for the week to come! Bye for now friends!! :D

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