Thursday, 3 September 2015

Thinking Out Loud- The Food Edition!

Hidy ho friendly friends and happy Thursday!

On Thursday's we Think Out Loud, thanks to the awesome Spoons and today I am thinking about FOOD! Shocker, I know ;).

Any who, I like food, you like food, we all like food, so let's jump into the randomness that is food (from my passed week!).

1. I go through phases of being a smooth or a crunchy lover.
Which is kind of strange, because it is the age old debate! You know what I mean:
 The smooth vs Crunchy debate has also sparked multiple arguments and feuds between my friends (including me! Depending which type I'm liking at the moment ;) over which is superior and which is totally gross.

I don't really get how a few chunks can make that much of a difference to taste... but I know as a kid I wouldn't even consider putting crunchy peanut butter in my sandwich! Strange, huh?

As I said before, now-a-days, it's whatever I'm feeling like when I'm at the shops that gets thrown in my trolley:
Finishing off the crunchy with some choc protein oats :)

Opening up the smooth:
I totally see the love for smooth.. but sometimes crunchy just adds that little extra something!

2. Speaking of phases. Guess which obsession is back?

Not pesto.

Not cookies.

Not oats.

We're back to roast potatoes!
Baby potatoes, orange sweet potatoes, purple sweet potatoes, Japanese sweet potatoes, regular white potatoes... ALL THE POTATOES!

You know how much I love my Japanese white sweet potato... and that love has come back strong!!
That texture and flavour though...
I'm pretty sure I may have eaten my weight in different types of potato this past week!

3. On the topic of potatoes:
This dinner contained potatoes, which means it is relevant. In saying that (even though they were amazing) I'm not talking about the potatoes (which were lovingly roasted in delicious coconut oil along with some cut up parsnip!).
Nope I'm talking about this delightful side which I should definitely be making more often:
It was simply some steamed greens topped off with some vegan cheese. Like a cheesey bake of some sort and so, so, so delicious (and simple) this sure was a winner. Especially if you're not a fan of the taste of plain steamed veg (I wasn't really feeling it that night) this will take it to a whole new level. Who knows, you might even enjoy eating your veg?

4. Sometimes I lie with my food pictures though.

You know the jist. Taking a picture of a plate of food misrepresenting the amount you actually eat. I mean, take a look at this:
I claim this to be my dinner. When it actual fact, while I was taking the photograph I was also nom-ing on...

A CARROT! Bum, bum, buuuuuuum!

In all seriousness though, I do know that some bloggers conveniently forget the fact that along with their miniscule salad they ate for dinner they might have had a cookie, or a chocolate or something, so don't believe everything you read! You had absolutely no idea about that carrot!

Until I showed you.


5. Lastly, what's the deal with coconut flour.

I keep coming back to it every now and again to see if it somehow magically got easier to work with when baking, and every time I'm severely disappointed in the results. See, I generally use it to make microwave mug cakes, but they just turn out so dense and chewy and weirdly cooked and.. yeh.

Banana +
Almond milk, spelt flour, coconut flour, cinnamon, baking powder, coconut, chia seeds, rolled oats and oat bran:
Mix it up and...
The coconut flour soaked up ALL the liquid! Had to add more water because I was out of milk.
Microwaved for around 2 mins and topped with coconut butter:
I mean it still tasted pretty darn tasty, I just think coconut flour is more hassle then it's worth.
I still ate the whole thing of course- it had a great flavour!

Aaaaand that's been my life currently in regards to food!

Your turn:
Smooth or crunchy nut butters?
 Current food obsession?
Have you had any success baking with coconut flour? Any horror stories? ;)
Want to see what everyone else is thinking about this Thursday? Head on over to Spoons to find out!

 I hope you all have a fabulous day, take some time out to do something you truly enjoy and as alaways; eat something delicious! Bye for now friends!! :D


  1. Potatoes are my favorite carb, specifically roasted gold potatoes.
    I tried making a coconut flour mug cake last night and had to throw it away. I have had luck using coconut flour for pancakes and some baked goods, but never mug cakes.

    1. Kate,
      Roasted gold potatoes for some reason sound so good and crispy and.. I want some! I think I just need a super successful recipe using coconut flour to raise my hopes- might give pancakes a shot!
      Steph 2 chefxx

  2. I flip flop between smooth and crunch nut butters all the time. And, oh gosh.... roasted potatoes are my fave. Roasted any veggies, really. The only downside is that I don't have AC and my apartment feels like a sauna if I attempt to use the oven during the summer.

    1. Kit-Kat,
      You're the first person other than me that I know changes preferences between crunchy and smooth!! Also, I think I had roast veg at some stage of the day everyday this past week! :)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  3. Yes! I got a big bag of coconut flour at costco before I realized how tricky this flour is. Then I forgot about that bag for awhile and bought a SECOND bag of costco sized coconut flour. Imagine my irritation with like 8lbs of flour that is usually used in portions of "4 T" or "1/4 c". I need some recipe that uses 3 cups at a time of this stuff or else I might die with it. (but not a recipe that needs 24 eggs for those 3 cups of flour)

    1. Anonymous,
      You are definitely in some kind of predicament there! I've seen some bloggers use it as a sort of icing when mixed with milk/ other liquids... if that helps at all! ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  4. Oh man. Coconut flour is a tricky one. I actually love it in mug cakes, but I've had some pretty bad horror stories using it in cookies and pancakes. The cookies came out like hockey pucks, and the pancakes just would.not.set. I do love the texture it adds to things, though.

    1. Amanda,
      I knwo some of your recipes use it and I'm so impressed and then I try to recreate it (without following your recipe of course, because I'm super smart) and it flops!!
      Maybe next time I'll actually follow the ingredients and directions ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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