Thursday, 17 September 2015

Thinking Out Loud- The Vitamix edition!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's here.

It's finally here.

3 years in the making.

And it's here.

The world stopped spinning, the entire population held their breath as the large delivery entered through the door.

And then it was here.

Ok, I'll stop freaking you all out now. For quite a few years now I have had my eye on BEEN UTTERLY OBSESSED with the iconic Vitamix- first seeing it on the first blog I ever read; Chocolate Covered Katie
This was me.
Labelled the Ferrari of blenders, it boasts a 2 peak horsepower motor that spins its blade at variable speeds from 11 mph (miles per hour) to 240 mph. With a 7-year warranty and basically life-time guarantee. It's basically perfect.


 And then I read the price tag...
Losing all hope of ever getting one.

Then something magical happened. I reached the age where I could work and earn a little extra 'fun' money that I'd never really experienced before.
(no, sorry mum, $3 a week doesn't count... even though I had worked out the total amount of time it would take me to save enough- see, I was obsessed!). 

A few months later... I had enough money to buy myself a Vitamix!
And that's what I did.

Ok, guys, mark this day on your calendar it is forever going down as the time I got my Vitamix!
I even documented the whole process- it will possibly be going in a photo album (hey, it's like my baby)

Here the Vitamix and I are opening up the box:

Here we are with the box inside another box, now out of that box:
Here's the box:
This is inside the box:
Here's an identical picture because it's just so gosh darn cute: (new mothers- you know what I'm talking about ;)
Here's the base: (Just check out the durably built base!)
Half assembled:
Awesome book that I found in the box (see, my baby does come with a manual :)
Fully assembled!!

And the first ever smoothie I made with it:

 My green mint smoothie!
How was it? So quiet, amazingly efficient and just seemed so.... powerful? Oh my goodness, no words to describe my happiness right now! Smoothies all week baby!

Vitamix owners out there:
What type do you have?
Are you a fan (if you are not, do not tell me- refer to price tag reference)
Adorable 'Vitamix and me'  stories?

Today I'm linking up with Spoons to document my Vitamix birthing story ;), be sure to head on over to see what everyone else is Thinking out Loud about this Thursday! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D


  1. Replies
    1. Heather,
      Thankyou!! It's been a long and painful wait ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  2. Ongratulations on your new baby! I've had my 'mix for a good handful of years now, and it's definitely one thing I couldn't imagine living without. I mean, there are smoothies, and then there are Vitamix smoothies -- it's crazy how big of a difference a powerful blender can make!

    1. Amanda,
      I've only had mine for a few days but there are smoothies and there are VITAMIX SMOOTHIES- you are so right!! CRAZY!!!! :)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  3. It took me SO long to get a Vitamix because, you know, hard to justify buying a blender that costs that much. But it is worth every penny! Still use it practically every day to make my green smoothies :) congrats on taking the Vitamix plunge!

    1. Emma,
      The cost is definitely what through me- everything else made me want it though!!!!!
      Steph 2 chefxx


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