Thursday, 22 October 2015

Bouncing Back to CREATIVITY!

I have this vision
It's a vision that has consumed my mind for quite some time now.
And it's a vision that will consume my mind for many years to come (if not my entire life).

In case you're wondering what this crazy vision thing is- I'll just go ahead and tell you (I apologise to all my mind-reading friends, you might find this a bit tedious ;).

You see, I'm not what you would call a traditional cook. I mean I own both of Julia Child's great cooking books and I watch all the cooking shows (hello Master Chef) and I read all about traditional cooking methods and dishes and typical combinations and I do in fact find it all interesting.

And then I enter the kitchen and my body starts to tingle, my heart quickens a little at the prospect of creating anything I want and then all my previous knowledge of accepted dishes and cooking methods and food combinations fly out the window and I'm left with the crazy creativity that has inhabited my body since the day I was born.
^Dream kitchen right here^
I don't cook according to the books. I don't think I've followed a recipe in well over 2 years. I can not and will not cut all of my vegetables to the same size- and you know what? I like the different textures they take on as a result.

I'm not a fan of the regular and accepted food combos (unless they are peanut butter and banana- even then I wouldn't label that as traditional) and instead put whatever flavours, textures and ingredients together in the hope that it will be awesome! Sometimes it is!

Quite often it's just strange.

That's life!

That also happens to be my vision. I see a world where people just start creating. Sure, recipes and cookbooks are awesome, but I find it baffling when people come up to me and say 'This recipe says 2 medium carrots, do you think these carrots are medium enough?' Go with what you want- if you like carrots chuck another one in there for fun- you'll probably end up liking the end product even more so because of that!

I challenge you to simply walk into the kitchen and grab the first few items you see and then create something. I don't care if you choose biscuits, yoghurt, a banana, celery and pumpkin. That's the awesome thing about creating- you make something completely new! In fact, close your eyes and grab your ingredients (things could really get interesting then).

If you follow through with this challenge I'd love to hear from you, so shoot me an email or post a comment on my blog- if I get enough I will make a post about it- wouldn't that be hilariously awesome!

Want some more entertaining wacko food creations? Click here!

It's time to get creative in the kitchen and just cook RANDOM- so who's with me?!

Today I'm Thinking Out Loud thanks to the awesome Amanda at Running With Spoons. Head on over to see the random-ness that other bloggers like myself are getting up to!

Bye for now friendly friends!! :D


  1. Oh lady, you're speaking my language! My biggest problem with creating recipes for Spoons is the fact that I literally can never remember what the ingredients are because I kind of make things up as I go along and then forget what quantities I added things in. Oops.

    1. Amanda,
      You just described my cooking life in a nutshell!! I literally have to force myself to get a paper and pen out and weigh ingredients precisely- and it's painful! ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  2. i totally agree! and i definitely struggle with making recipes sometimes because i measure, then add a little more here, some more there, top with this, until i get what i like. oops! and following a recipe? about 2 in 10 times haha

    1. Masala girl,
      I'm impressed you can even follow a recipe full stop! I struggle using the same ingredients if I think it'll taste better with something else :)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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