Wednesday, 13 January 2016

WIAW #87 A busy, busy day!

Hello there friends! I hope veryone has been having a smashing week and I also hope you're ready to dive face first into a post FILLED with pics of food.

In particular- What I Ate Wednesday (and this time it is actually a day of eats from Wednesday!)

So, as always thanks to peas and Crayons for bringing this link-up to fruition and the other bloggers who give up their blog to host the link-up each and every week!

Now, enough talk, onto the FOOOD!

Breakfast: 7:45am
Wednesday started off with a lovely 30+ minute run (I don't generally time my runs) followed by a hangry Steph ready for brekky!!
 Enter super creamy dreamy green smoothie made with frozen banana, frozen mango, kale, greek yoghurt, frozen zucchini and water in the Vitamix :)
 With some lemon coconut truffles! NOM!
 Perfect post-run fuel to power me through the morning- and I needed it!
 Lunch: 12:20pm
After my run and  delicious breakfast I needed to head up to the shops to buy a costume for my school's swimming carnival (I'm in yellow house and am therefore going as a minion. So pumped!) and some items I needed to pick up for a sailing camp I'm going on in a few days (that's my little warning for my absence from Sunday through to Sunday!) Anywho, this girl went in on a mission and left with several bags and the feeling of accomplishment. Followed by the feeling of the hungry monster...
 Insert lunch= very, very happy Steph indeedy!
 This big guy was a warmed wholemeal wrap spread with hommus and topped with a Mexican flavoured bean mix (mixed four beans, lentils, eggplant, capsicum, mushrooms, tomato, onions and taco seasoning, sauteed with water until veggies cooked through, spinach and corn added at end) topped with perfectly ripe avocado and wrapped up into a heart warming delight!
 Filling, nutritious and oh so tasty!
 Perfect fuel to power me through the next part of my day- which I also needed!
Afternoon snack: 4:30pm
I had work at the Bakery from 1-7:30 and got to enjoy a little fruit break at around 4:30-ish:
Tupperware container of chopped fuji apple and red grapes :)

Dinner: 8:00pm
Closing is quite a workout (throwing stuff out, cleaning wires, heaving wires onto racks, sweeping, dust-panning, mopping floors, inputting wastage, sanitising all the benches... phew! I sure am wiped out after a close! Even though I don't feel particular hungry after closing- too tired!!- I know I need something to eat to replenish my depleted stores:
Enter quick, easy and delicious dinner! I roasted up some veg whilst making lunch and enjoyed the yumminess of cold roasted pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, parsnip and beetroot with some raw almond and walnuts on the side and a mug of ice cold soy milk. :) Happy days. And I could completely zone out and not have to think about anything whilst making and eating this dinner :)

Aaaand that's what I ate/ did on Wednesday! (Seeing as I basically crashed after that!)

What about you?
What are your go-to foods/ meals to power you through a busy/ energy consuming day?
Favourite cold-roasted vegetable?
If you were to dress up as something yellow, what would you be?

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day, smile lots, be kind and as always; eat something delicious- I know I sure will!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D


  1. Love all your always! And lemon and coconut is one of my favorite flavor combinations!

    1. Faith,
      There's just something about the smooth, creamy coconut flavour and the tang of lemon... yummm! :D
      Steph 2 chefxx


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