Thursday, 7 July 2016

LINKS!! And Awful Looking Smoothies :P

Hi beautiful people!

Today I'm coming at you with quite possibly the most ugly smoothie I have ever created in my entire life! I know, exciting, hold it together guys:

I mean, generally when I whip up a smoothie I go green or go home, so when I chucked in a handful of frozen cherries to my usual frozen banana, frozen zucchini, kale, spinach etc. mix, I guess I wasn't expecting it to turn that... brown?

Anywho, it was entirely delicious and regardless of the end-resulting colour, you should definitely whip this bad boy up for a super delicious, filled with nutrients, high protein breakfast! Or lunch, or dinner, or snack- it's got a perfect balance of everything for any time of the day!

Into the Vitamin went 1 handful of chopped, frozen zucchini, 1 large handful kale, 1 large handful frozen cherries, 1 scoop vegan vanilla protein powder, 3 big scoops greek yoghurt, 1 large handful spinach, 1/2 cup almond milk with 1/2 teaspoon chia seeds soaked for 10 mins, 1 frozen sliced banana, splash of water, whazzed (that's the exact order I put things into the blender too) until smooth and...brown? :P


Now, I also wanted to share with you today some of the lovely links I've come across recently, so you too can come across them and enjoy them! Let's go!


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Here’s What Nutritionists Actually Consider Healthy Food

Good Reads:

The Mind-Boggling Bullshit of Health and Fitness

I Ran A Half Marathon Without Any Training And This Is What I Learned About Myself

Aaaand that's it from me today folks- coming at ya tomorrow with another thought provoking post! :P Love holidays with all this extra time to do the things I love!

What about you?
What did you have for breakfast today?
Worst coloured smoothie you've ever made? What was in it?
Favourite smoothie add-in?

I hope you have a lovveeely Friday, all ready for the weekend!! Do something you love, and as always, EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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