Saturday, 3 September 2016

Sunday Rest Day and Links!

Hello there beautiful people and happy Sunday to you all!!

Back to my usual Sunday rest day (was out of that loop for a few weeks there and it just didn't feel right. There's something so good about waking up on a Sunday to a blissful nothing. Ahh.

Anywho, today started off nice and slowly, still waking up at my usual 5:30am but allowing myself to just lie there and sort of drift in and out until around 6:30am when I actually got up.

Then I just slowly sauntered around, made my bed, read some blog posts, sipped some water and eventually gave into my roaring morning hunger (usually suppressed by a workout- not today!!) and made it to the kitchen to whip up a delicious breakfast!

This my friends tasted as good as it looks... and it looks pretty magical you have to agree!

Warm, gooey, sweet blueberry oats layered with nut butter and topped with some sliced bananas.

Simply place 1 cup rolled oats, 1 sliced banana, 1 handful frozen blueberries (or fresh if you're lucky) 1 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup water into a saucepan and bubble away, stirring occasionally until all absorbed (AND VIBRANT PURPLE!!) Pop some nut butter in the bottom of your bowl/ mug, layer in half the oats, another blob of nut butter, oats, nut butter, banana- EAT!

I'm not going to lie, I did have a slight feeling of guilt with this as I was like; 'Steph, this is your rest day; why are you eating like you've just done an intense cardio/ lifting sesh?' But as soon as that thought crossed my mind I instantly knew my body was hungry- calling out for good, nourishing food on this rest day to fuel my tired muscles from the past week and for the week ahead. Sure, I still feel a little off about the oats (madness, right?) but they just tasted so gosh darn good.

I'm saying all this to show you the reality of my life because I think so often we only see perfectly, positive, healthy people in all that they show the world; but in all honesty I do struggle some times with disordered thoughts about eating and in reality; this was probably the perfect amount of food for my body and the fact that I felt full and satisfied afterwards only reinforces that. So yes, this was to show real life; not just perfect life.

And, seriously; that colour though, can we please appreciate that colour!!

Of course, I have been loving on some links lately and today I'm going to share them with you! ENJOY!




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Your turn:
Do you ever struggle with your food choices on rest days?
Favourite add-ins for your oats?
Best nut butter out there? Right now I'm currently loving my mixed brazil nut, almond and cashew butter- so so good!

I hope you found some useful links in that list- I sure enjoyed all those reads!! Have yourself a wonderful rest of your weekend, be kind to your body; FEED YOUR BODY! And, as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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