Friday, 6 June 2014

Recipe-picture style!

I love recipes that are done in pictures- I understand them better- so I decided to do one. I guess it won't be a complete pictures only recipe- but close enough!

So yesterday I had one last plain greek yoghurt sitting in my fridge and thought- hmm, what else can I do with this?
So... I got this:
My mini food processor:
A frozen banana
My last plain greek yoghurt
And a spoonful of peanut butter (any nut butter is fine :)
 And whazzed them together:

I then placed it in a bowl
And stirred in about 1/4 cup of muesli

I got these bad boys out:
And filled them up (about 3)
They were then placed in the freezer overnight
Next morning wake up bright and early and go for a run..
Reasons behind this- in Australia, it's winter right now and I had made ice creams for breakfast- I had to be hot and sweaty! Reason two- it's my favourite time for a run:
 Finish run- arrive home:
 Take ice creams out, slide a knife down sides:
 Place in bowl of water for 20 seconds:
 They should pop out then:
 Oh and don't forget to make a mistake!
 Melt some coconut butter with a touch of milk (any milk) in the microwave:
 Drzzle over ice cream and push on any toppings you like (it should set hard)
I chose cheerios!
 Look it has buttons!

 Piece of fruit from muesli:
How to eat the mistake! With a fork of course!
Sooo, what are you still doing here- go make some ice creams!
Have a great weekend! :D

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