Monday, 5 September 2016

My Typical Morning Routine

Hi there folks!

And welcome back to another blog post by yours truly; the one, the only.... Steph.

Ha. Ha. Haaa.

Can you tell how fried my brain is right now? For some reason I insist on writing up the majority of my posts after a full day of school and study and homework... I can't really blame anyone else!

Well, it is not too fried to write you up a post detailing the essential intricacies that make up a typical school morning for me for your complete and utter enjoyment. Trust me, it is highly riveting.

Ok, all sarcastic tone of voice aside, I do enjoy reading other people's Days In The Life and What I Eat In A Day's so I think it's only fair that I too share my own experiences and life with you too!

So, as mentioned above, I've detailed some of the typical occurrences of a morning before the school day begins and yep, as you can imagine, it starts nice and bright and early.

Although, not so bright, because it is usually pitch black when the 5:15am alarm goes off indicating for me to hop out of bed and pop into my day! (how fun does the sound right!? yeah, truth be told, some days are harder than others- especially in winter!)

5:15am, wake up, frequent the toilet, go downstairs, grab my glass of water and iPad, run back up stairs, back under warm sheets, sip some water, read some blog posts and Pop Sugar Posts and then onto phase 2.

Phase 2 involves getting ready to workout! This entails changing from my warm, cosy pyjamas into something generally ultra bright (although I do tend to mix it up with black shorts or a top to counter the fluorescent pinks/ yellows etc.), deodorising, hair tyer-upping, bed making and then a light jump back down the stairs to wherever it is I'm going to work out that particular morning.

Sometimes it's our home-gym to do some weights (leg day and arm day),
Post sweaty leg sesh ^^
Also quite proud of the definition that's starting to show on my arms! Yay!

occasionally it's the living room where I'll sweat it out with some Blogilates videos and other workout videos and sometimes it's straight out the door (runners put on first of course) to head out and get those legs a pumping with some kind of running fun (beach run, hill sprints, long run or just your standard run, run.)
Legs done after a 16km Sunday long run ^^

Confession time; I like to sweat. Seriously. And I don't mind if I sweat a lot. Yep, my hair needs more frequent washing (it is quite long and thick) and the curls and frizz are the end result, but there's something about sweating that just reveals hard work.

So, yes, I generally sweat for around 40 minutes to an hour most days of the week (Sunday is generally rest day! Yay!) and then jump right into the kitchen to whip up a nice big breakfast to feed those fasted muscles from the night before- definitely ready for food by then!!
Come to me Cherry Cheesecake Oats in leftover home-made almond butter!!

Brekky usually involves a rich carb source, some muscle-building protein and quite often (read; basically every day) healthy fat in the form of nut butter (my life!).
Raw Choc Black Bean Brownie Bites with cherry fro-yo (frozen cherries and greek yoghurt) following intense leg day!

Oats, smoothies, granola, (AKA smoothie bowls!), brekky sandwiches, brownies bites, oat balls, pancakes- yep, usually sweet and yep, usually insanely delicious! Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day by far and I make sure I enjoy it!
I generally have either my choc vegan protein powder or vanilla protein powder after my strength training/ weight-lifintg workouts to help with that muscle repair with quick and easy-to-absorb protein!

Tummy filled, sweat drying, emails, Facebook and Instagram checked and off to shower, put on school uniform, do hair (as nice as physically possible after the torment I just put it through), clean teeth (usually whilst showering; efficient is key people!) and then hop on downstairs, grab my prepared lunch from the night before (no time to make that food in the morning!), blazer on and out the door I head for the rest of my day!

And that's a typical Steph morning; hectic, heart pumping, sweat-inducing, delicious and just the way I like it!! So yes, I am very much a morning person as well as a morning workout-er person and a fasted workout-er person too. It all just makes me feel so energised and productive and ready to tackle my day and so that's what I do currently because it works for me!

Of course, not everyone's a morning person. Some people utterly dread having to wake up in the morning and would much prefer to delay the process for as long as possible, which might mean an afternoon/ night workout, as well as a pretty simple, easy brekky or a pre-prepared brekky to ensure an as-late-as-possible wake up time!

And that's cool too! You do you! We're all made differently and our bodies respond differently to different scenarios, the above being my bodies preferred method of going about my morning.

Oh and I'll add in there; rest days are very, very different; more of a sleep-in; read 6:30 am (look, people, I just don't sleep-in!) blog reading in bed and then a slow saunter into the kitchen to whip up some FOOOD (and no I don't eat less on rest days, rest days is when the changes are really made so my body needs that fuel!!). These rest days definitely keeps me mentally sane and roaring to go for the next week!

What about you:
What does your typical morning look like?
Morning or afternoon/ night exerciser?
Fasted or fuelled?

I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you want to see more Day in the Life's because I sure do enjoy writing them; definitely shows me a clear picture of my life allowing me to take a step back and really look at what I'm doing!

Have yourself a fabulous rest of your day, do something you love, look after your body and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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