Wednesday, 17 February 2016

WIAW #89 Quite The Tasties!

Hi friendly friends!!

Aaaand a happiest of Wednesdays to you all.

I feel Like I haven't done a WIAW in a while and also feel like this needs to be fixed (as they are one of my favourite posts to write/ read)  so behold- A WIAW!!!

This day features a typical school day filled with schoolie stuff, and the teeniest tiniest bit of Steph stuff :)

As always; a big thank you to Peas and Crayons for creating this awesome link-up and the wonderful hosts, who share their blogs to host the link-up!!

Breakfast : 7:15am
This morning's breakfast occurred after a Blogilates leg workout (done twice) and also a Blogilates arm challenge- add that in with a hot Summer's day... let's just say the ponytail was slightly damp...

And the stomach was slightly hungry!! (and when I say slightly, you know I mean ravenously! :P)
Enter one of my favourite breakfasts- a warm breakfast poured into an almost empty jar of nutbutter so everything goes all melty and gooey and delicious!
In this almost empty crunchy peanut butter jar, I poured in some choc protein banana bread oats and was in chocolate peanut butter heaven.
To make this scrummy brekky, i poured somewhere around a cup of rolled oats (maybe 3/4 cup) a sprinkle of chia seeds, dash of cinnamon, big scoop vegan choc protein powder, teaspoon raw cacao powder, thinly sliced banana and 1 cup almond milk as well as a bit of water- all bubbled away and stirred occasionally until absorbed- thick, luscious and delicious!!
Eaten with a sunshine yellow spoon for a sunshine yellow happy day!
And this is behind the scenes of my super chocolatey breakfast photo shoot:
Snack: 11:00am
A few periods of school left me ready for a little snack and I'm sure you all know what's coming:
A little pot of frozen peas and corn- good little pick me up to carry me through to lunch :)

Lunch: 1:15pm
Ok, a little more hungry than desired (although I do love being ridiculously hungry and having a yummy lunch to chow down on! Nothing quite compares!)
Enter this delicious stir-fry creation- heated some sesame oil in a pan, sauteed some veg (garlic, onion, carrots, capsicum, eggplant, mushrooms and kale) all mixed together with some cooked sweet potato noodles added to the pan at the last minute! Happy days!

Snack: 4:00pm
School finished- snack time commences before rushing off to the chiropractor to be fixed up (my back was outttt)
Some delicious fresh fruit; cut up plum, some sugar plums and some green grapes- so delicious!
What be sugar plums? You ask:
They're like these mini sweet plums that taste so gosh darn good!!

Dinner: 6:45pm
Dinner commenced with this awesome fused beetroot:
Followed by this glorious picture of dinner. I apologise for this. It just doesn't look great. Tasted pretty good though!
Steamed veg (pumpkin, beetroot, parsnip and swede) with some reduced-salt baked beans, with some wholemeal crumpets spread with Vegemite and topped with poached eggs. Easy to cook up and even easier to eat!

After dinner I had half a cup of ice cold soy milk and then was done for the day!

What about you?
Fitness sesh in the morning or afternoon/ night? I love working out in the morning- sets my day up for great feelingggss!
Salads/ sandwiches for lunch? I used to be sandwiches, but now (seeing as my definition of salad is quite broad!) I'm definitely for salads for lunch! (Salads don't exclude carbs/ grains!)
Best worst-looking meal you love to make? I find stews taste so good but just don't photograph well at all!! :P

That's it from me today folks- I hope you all have an absolutely AWESOME day, do something you love- enjoy all the little great things that happen and just smiilleee! Bye for now friendly friends! :D


  1. Great eats! I hate it when a food doesn't look great when it's photographed! Such a pain!

    1. themcadamsadventures,
      Especially when it tastes so gosh darn good!!!
      Have a great day!
      Steph 2 chefxx


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