Thursday, 4 September 2014

Food- kinda neccessary

I thought for this Thinking Out Loud I would talk about one of the most talked about topics ever. It's a topic with a mixture of emotions. Absolute love, absolute hate, enjoyment, guilt.. etc. etc. It's food, by the way:)
You know I eat food. You know I love food. You know I have passion for good, wholesome food.  But for once, this isn't really about me.. it's about those who hate food, and yes they exist.
Not hating the taste of food (I mean, come on!) but the idea of eating certain foods or eating in general.

Now, I'm a teenage girl who goes to high school. Let's just say that I've come across the craziest, extreme diet ideas and ambitions there are, which just results in frustration (partly from me too, because I pretty much study healthy living as a hobby and I know the damage of these actions)
 Just the other day, a friend of mine told me she was eating healthy now. One of her friends butted in with 'Eating healthy requires you to eat more than celery.' I let this comment pass and instead wanted to share the fun fact about celery being negative calories:
In response she just smiled and said; 'I know.'

There were so many things I wanted to say to her- and every other girl for that matter. I want to tell these girls that food is necessary, especially at our age! We need quite a bit to fuel our daily lives. I want to tell them that the reason they're feeling fatigued, stressed an fuzzy is because of their diet. I want to tell them...

Well really I want to show them the foods I eat- because I'm not ashamed to admit it- I like my food and have a very healthy appetite!
Exhibit A:
My big nacho stacks (full of veggies, fibre and protein)

Exhibit B:
My ultimate veggie sandwiches( filled with mashed avocado, grated carrot and beetroot, spinach, mashed four beans and salsa, sprouts and tomato on home made spelt bread)
Exhibit C:
My ultimate stuffing skills (If it's going to be stuffed, I'll make sure it's stuffed!)
A hot dog (vegan sausages) on a wholemeal spelt roll with a side of healthy baked fries and steamed pumpkin and swede.
A wrap filled with mashed veggies, (sweet potato, pumpkin, parsnip and beetroot) tofu, steamed brussels sprouts, hommus, lentils, wrapped up and grilled in a sandwich press.
A squished and crammed pita pocket with sauteed veggies (tomato, eggplant, mushrooms, capsicum), salsa, avocado and a torn up veggie patty.
Exhitbit D:
A big ol' snack plate:
Organic veggie tortilla chips, quorn mince with taco seasoning, tomatoes and mushrooms, steamed greens and some spelt bread with hommus.
Popcorn, (I simply place raw kernels in a saucepan and heat until all popped (no butter and salt, because I don't think it needs it) sweet potato, guacamole, brown rice and lentils and peas.

If these girls saw the amount of food I eat, they would probably faint. But here's the thing. What I eat is all whole foods. A rare amount is processed. It's full of fibre, plant protein, and veggies along with those things comes essential vitamins and minerals.

My friends look at me and say 'How can you be so skinny and eat so much?' sure that hurts a little bit, but I take it in my stride and say exactly what I said above- they're my friends after all, they'll still love me :)
They look at girls around us and see them eating chips and chocolate and pizzas from the school canteen who are stick thin and sigh into their wholegrain sandwiches or salads.
 I feel like screaming to them that those girls who eat terrible and can still maintain a thin body aren't healthy... but of course at this age, that doesn't seem to matter.
It's a tough life being a teenage girl!
My message in a picture:
Hmm, maybe not.. it's probably this one:
Wow this post got a lot lengthier than I intended- I guess it just shows how passionate I am about this topic.
Feel free to add any thoughts to this, or write your own discussion on it, I'd love to hear the different views out there:)

Thanks Spoons for hosting this link-up where us bloggers who can talk for hours can brain dump every week :)

Bye for now folks! :D


  1. You're definitely an amazing example of what it means to eat healthy! I wish I had your knowledge when I was a teen -- and your meals!! -- but I was kind of living off of McD's and KD =\ It breaks my heart to look at some of the things young girls are doing to themselves, not knowing that it's totally going to mess them up in the long run. Gah!

  2. seriously I want to eat every single thing you just posted!! I rarely take the time to make my meals pretty, but maybe I should! I"m just glad i too finally realized how great veggies are

  3. Please come make my lunch... and dinner and everything! This all looks so stinkin good - I just can't!
    I just wrote a post today about eating clean - which is essentially not eating "CRAP" and eating more "FOOD". I cannot stress enough how much better your body feels when you eat real food. Once you get away from the processed manufactured stuff and can actually taste food for what it is... OMG it's AMAZING (and clearly photographs well). I'm going to do my best to recreate some of these eats above because WOW! Thanks for sharing and keep on eating real FOOD :)

  4. It's definitely tough being a teenager trying to eat healthier. I changed my diet at about the same age when a lot of the others around me didn't even cook themselves yet. Lots of side glances. Lots of snarking. It made me sad to see them eat lots of processed crap, too. I guess it's simply rather unusual to develop an interest in food at such a young age already. Sometimes I'd invite friends over and cook for them to showcase the deliciousness of vegetarian food made from scratch in a non-offensive way.
    On a side note I want to invite myself over for every meal at your place - all of your food looks awesome. (:

  5. Yummmm I also want all the food! Your food looks great. I love a good pita pocket sandwich, although I don't eat them very often. I usually pack them with a salad and call it to go!

  6. Thanks so much everyone! I will come and cook you guys meals! I love cooking! Thanks for your kind words of trying to be a teenager and eating healthy at the same time- this blogging community is really what keeps me going :)
    Steph 2 Chef xx

  7. Your food> my food Steph you are a legend

  8. holy crap girl, i'm eating dinner and my mouth is watering over your food!!

    1. Masala Girl,
      Thanks so much! In all honesty my secret is go with what I'm feeling an make lots of it!! :)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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