Tuesday, 31 May 2016

WIAW #91 Studying Eats!

Happy Wednesday friendly friends!

Well, I mean, as happy as Wednesday can be when you have an exam and it's your third one in a row... and you have three more to smash out. Have I mentioned how much I love year 12?? :P

Anywho, today I thought I'd bring back an old favourite that has seemed to be lost in the jumble of busy-life and that WIAW- which turns out to be one of my favourite posts to write!

Today's What I Ate Wednesday comes from Saturday, the weekend before my week of exams and also the day after a long, exhausting (both physically and mentally) week which meant Saturday was a complete rest day.

In a nutshell? These are my eats from a day of rest and study. The rest part was nice. The study... not so much :)

Now onto the food!

After a much-needed sleep-in (well, does 6:40am count as a sleep-in?) after a whole week of pre-6am wake ups I wandered downstairs, got myself a glass of water, crept back upstairs with iPad in tow and read through some Popsugar posts while tucked up back in my warm, snuggly, bed (soo good :).

After around 15 mins my stomach started complaining and I knew it needed to be fed and I knew exactly what it needed:

The perfect way to consume as many awesome nutrients as possible and not even notice because it tastes so gosh darn creamy, sweet and delicious!

This smoothie consisted of 1 chopped, frozen banana, a handful of frozen mango, handful chopped, frozen zucchini, a handful of kale, a handful of spinach, 1/2 frozen avocado and water- all whizzed up in the Vitamin until super smooth and creamy. I think it should also be mentioned that even with the biggest jar in my household, I still had some smoothie leftover in the blender- that's when you know you're in for a good feed!

This did the trick and my stomach was happy and my body was buzzing with all that good stuff!

After slurping down this big green smoothie it was time to stock up the groceries and then return home for a good, hard study sash before my first lit exam on Monday!

Lunch: After around 2 hours of study, the stomach started growling again and I was in no mood to spend a luxurious amount of time whipping something up in the kitchen, so I grabbed an armful of raw veg, some frozen seeded sourdough bread (3 small slices- one i heated up immediately and spread with hummus to silence the beast!) and almond butter... et voila:

Lunch! Re-fueling the brain cells!

After lunch I just couldn't bring myself to go back into the study just yet so I had a little break with a Pretty Little Liars episode which allowed me some time to just breattthheee.

But alas, it was back to the study after the episode and back to the grind of learn, learn, learning! (when I've gotten into it and done a few hours in the day under my belt I quite enjoy studying- it's just the getting started part that is the hardest.)

 Saturday was fairly cold and this was just what I needed to warm the soul- a warmed up mug of soy milk with fresh mint leaves (remove leaves after around 10 mins of soaking :) and four pitted dates:

So good- definitely recommend!
Get a small piece of date, pop it on your spoon, submerge into hot, creamy, mint-y milk, a few seconds later and you will be in food paradise!

I took this snack to the computer for another break with some Buzzfeed and YouTube watching. The brain was well and truly fried by this point.

Following this I took a relaxing bath, with a fitness magazine and then got into PJ's to settle in for the night.

Dinner: Dinner was a delicious one with a whipped up home-made veggie patty and some veg:

Totally hit the spot and left me feeling warm and nourished inside.
 The patties were basically some caramelised onion, garlic and spices mixed with mashed butter beans, formed into balls and popped in the freezer for around half an hour, then popped in the oven for around 45mins until golden brown on top!

There was probably some after dinner snack involved (there usually is!) so that would have either been some 90% dark choc or some nuts or something :) Can't quite remember- my feels go with the chocolate :P.

Aaaand that's what I ate! Looking back this was great fuel for my study and brain and if I can keep this good stuff up during exams my body will be quite happy indeed!

Your turn:
What's your go-to study snacks/ meals?
Favourite throw-together lunch that takes approximately 5 minutes?
Favourite snack of recent?

I hope you all have a great hump day, power through the rest of the week and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS! Bye for now awesome people! :D

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