Monday, 1 August 2016

What's My Diet, Exactly??

What's my diet?

What diet do I follow?

Where do I fit?

I used to ask myself these ^ questions all the time and for so long I wasted valuable moments on something that didn't exactly have an answer...

I'll try to make it a bit clearer to you as to what I mean and where I'm going with all this.

You see, if you look through my phone (the device to which practically every single one of my meals are stored for... something?!) at the never-ending snaps of food, there is no way you can come up with a concrete answer as to what dietary lifestyle I choose to follow.

Whilst you would see heaps of veggies and plates like this:
 Roasted potatoes, peas, raw veg sticks and natural air-popped popcorn
I'm not a vegan:
 And sometimes my dinners turn out to feature no grains at all:
Baby carrots, peas, mixed four beans
There is no way that I am low-carb/ paleo!
 Creamy pumpkin and avocado pasta with mixed beans and parsnip:
 Quite a few times a week I love to start my day with a huge super-green smoothie with all the fruit/ veg/ natural carbohydrates:
 Frozen mango, frozen banana, frozen zucchini, soaked oats, kale, spinach, greek yoghurt, water:
 I'm definitely not low-fat/ high-carb fruitarian:
 Wholemeal spelt pancakes topped generously with crunchy peanut butter and mixed seed and nut choc nut butter (side of blueberry fro-yo)
 And when dinner time rolls round; sure there are some nights when I just don't do carbs in the grain form:
 roast veg, nuts and a big mug of soy milk

But I am most definitely not restricted as to the time i decide to eat my bread/ rolls/pasta/ rice etc.
Toasted sammy made with lots of hommus, baked beans and sliced tomato on wholemeal bread with some steamed greens and the remaining tomato.

Vegan pumpkin soup with a warmed up sourdough roll

I could go on and on but quite frankly; it would never end! I'm not carb cycling, I don't count calories. I'm not part of the IIFYM (if it fits your macros) club, I'm not a pescatarian, fruitarian, lacto-vegetarian, low-FODMAP, Atkins, 5:2, gluten-free,raw, Mediterranean etc. etc. etc.

So what the heck am I?

Well, that's the thing.

The real question is not what defines me as a person because of my eating habits, rather, why do I feel the need to be defined by the way I eat. Why can't I simply eat the foods that make my body feel its best and be ok with the fact that theirs no one specific label for the way I eat?

Human. That's what I'll label myself as. My name is Steph and I'm a vegetarian, fruitarian, paleo, low-fat, high carb human!

Your thoughts:
What are your thoughts on this whole topic of labelling diets/ lifestyles?
Do you identify with a specific lifestyle?
Bread after dark- do you do it?? :P

That's it from me today folks- I hope you have a truly lovely day, don't get caught up on the little things that really don't mater in the grand scheme of things, be nice to yourself and others and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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