Monday, 2 May 2016

There's Always Room For Improvement!

Hi there friends and welcome back to the awesome blog of destinyyy.

Or not.

Maybe just the awesome blog of health, fitness and FOOOOOOD.

Either way.


So I'm a perfectionist. If I can do more, I will do more. I expect more from myself everyday and if I don't meet the high standards I unknowingly place upon myself, then I will simply work twice as hard to ensure I do.

It probably stems from my upbringing, whereby getting an 80% in something didn't just mean an A and a job well done. I was told that this reveals there was room for improvement. There was an opportunity for me to do better and so should work harder next time.

I suppose this (as from-the-heart as it was) advice started to ingrain itself into my head and now pings up every time I do less-than-stellar in something.

Woah- this just got deep.

Funny, because this is not a deep post! nope, this intro into my life was simply to introduce today's topic which is there's always room for improvement... when it comes to health.

If I were to ask my past self one year ago today if I thought I was mega healthy I would reply with an emphatic YES! And my current self would in fact agree that I did have lots of healthy habits, food choices, exercise and good ways of looking after my body a year ago today. But then I think about how far I've come to this present day. I eat a heck of a lot more veggies (if that was even possible), I've figured out ways to incorporate at least two servings of veggies into my breakfast. Yep, just breakfast. I've found exercises and workouts that I enjoy so much and push me to limits I didn't even know I had and I take a lot more time now to rest and look after my body than I ever did in the past.

Sure I was healthy. But I've come a long way since then.

A great example of this is just having a look at some of my breakfasts past and present:
In the past:
A simple bowl of oats with peanut butter:
Grate some zucchini in there, bubble it all up and you can't even taste it! (Just adds more volume so I get a huge bowl of oats! Happy days!)
In the past:
A smoothie made with banana and other frozen fruit:
Smoothie made with a ridiculous amount of leafy greens, frozen zucchini, frozen fruit, soaked oats
This was literally the biggest smoothie I've ever made! I chucked in a big handful of frozen zucchini, 1 chopped, frozen banana, 1 big handful frozen mango, around 3/4 cup soaked oats and chia seeds in almond milk (10-15 mins soaking), huge handful of kale and huge handful of spinach, 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt and water- whaz!
So good!

I've also taken to craving veggies for lunch and have been known to devour a whole plate of raw veg sticks and homes (and I mean a WHOLE stacked-full-of-veg plate) because that's what my body knows it thrives on and feels awesome eating!

I mean this just looks so good to me right now! I could eat this daily!!!

So what is my purpose with this post? It's to show that our health is a constantly changing, developing and potentially improving thing that always has room for us to do a little better, to love our bodies a little more- and this works both ways; not just eating a whole lot more veg, but if you are too obsessed with healthy eating, it could be letting go every now and then, enjoying a veg-less lunch of a grilled cheese sandwich and doing just as much for your mental, emotional and wellbeing health that a big ol' salad would do for you nutritionally! (definitely something I have to remind myself sometimes- health is a long term picture, not just one meal changing everything- both good or bad!)

And in the end I wanted to link it all to this picture I saw on Instagram the other day and just had to save and share it with you all:

It just hit me right in the face how true this was and I think made me more aware and happy to fuel my body with the nourishing foods I know it needs to feel amazing!

This time when I tell myself; 'Steph, there's always room for improvement!' I'll happily nod my head in agreement because you know what, there always is but I will always know that I will never reach perfection, there's no 100% in this test of life- and that's absolutely fine!

Your thoughts:
Do you ever look back at your past eating/ exercising/ health habits and think how far you've come?
What are some sneaky ways you sneak extra veg into your meals?
Fav smoothie concoction of recent? Mine is just anything FILLED with fruit- fruit is so delicious!

I hope you all have a ridiculously awesome day, recognise all the times you smile (it's a lot more than you might think!) and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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