Thursday, 9 June 2016


Hello there funky friends!

I feel like during this absolutely hectic, stressful, exhausting, mind-consuming and mind throbbing few weeks of exams and school and crazy we just have lost contact. I feel like we're strangers! And thus a currently post is most definitely in order so we can catch up on current favourites and life of the moment!!

So yes, as mentioned above I have just gone through the fun-ness of two weeks of mid-yearly exams and yes, they did nearly kill me (don't know how I'm going to go through all that agin for mocks and then WACE- Western Australian Certificate of Education in case you were wondering). Which also means I have just entered into what could be considered a bit of a down period in terms of school work (no doubt back at school next week teachers will be assigning all of our last tests for the term!) and thus a bit of down time and relaxation for the brain. Always a nice thing.

But let's get into the specifics of this currently post in my life:
Fitness has been roaring, thankfully, during this stressful time, and like I mentioned in one of my previous posts it is fitness that keeps me sane and reduces my stress levels in life.

Majority of my workouts have left me feeling strong, powerful and I've ripped through them with energy, motivation and determination; something that could have ultimately be sapped from me from all the studying I was doing; so I am incredibly thankful my body knew it needed to move and got on with it!

I've definitely done a lot less running because cross country had my legs working so hard and the carnival was last Thursday, so I rested my legs in preparation for that and now I'm giving my body a slight rest in terms of running for a bit so I don't burn out and start hating the sport that's given me so much. Again.

Instead as that little baby bicep up there shows, I've been working a lot more on my strength training (both with weights and Blogilates toning videos) this has just made me feel so strong and amazing. Also VERY hungry!
As you can tell by this picture, I am sweating. And the fact that it was one of the coldest mornings we have had all year and my face was still dripping shows it was a killer workout- Blogilates Train Insane HIIT is actually crazy. I love it. I do it whenever I want to give my body a good sweat sesh and challenge and it never fails to deliver! Burpees, reptile jumps, plank jacks, split leg lunges, push up planks... the list goes on and on... and you do it four times!!
I survived!!

In terms of food, I have gone into another one of my phases of obsessions. This has been going on for a while now. Home-made cookies for breakfast, when I used to have roasted potatoes every second day, that time when smoothie bowls were a regular occurrence atleast 3 times a week, oatmeal every day and now?
Mate, the smoothies can't come fast enough!
And I make SUUPPER massive ones. like the jars you see in these pictures? Yeah, there's probably half the smoothie still in the Vitamin whilst I'm taking my pictures. And yes of course it was eating straight from the blender with a spoon whilst my jar sat nicely in the freezer waiting for me :)
This guy was a big papaya green smoothie- frozen papaya, kale, spinach, greek yoghurt, soaked oats, frozen banana, frozen zucchini, water- whaz until smooooooth!

And of course my absolute favourite smoothie ever:
My huge super thick, vanilla protein, nut butter, avocado thick shake:
1 frozen banana, frozen zucchini, frozen avocado, greek yoghurt, soaked oats, peanut butter, kale, spinach, vanilla protein powder, water- whaz- make this and you will not be disappointed! (or hungry for a few hours afterwards either!)
This morning's smoothie of frozen banana, frozen berries, frozen zucchini, soaked oats and chia seeds, greek yoghurt, kale, spinach water- whaz- so good!
My body just craves that freshness, creaminess, coldness, goodness. I feel so good whilst I'm drinking it and for the hours to follow- I can just tell my body is super happy!
Oh look; I do have an example of the remainders after filling my jars ^^ Still extremely delicious and hey, this girl needs her fuel!! No shame! :P
And yes, it is in fact winter here in Aus, so a big fluffy is a must when consuming such large quantities of ice cold smoothie :).

I think my other obsession, on the slight down-low as my smoothie obsession seems a little more persistent, is this guy:
A big warm mug of zucchini oats, typically known as zoats!
For the days when my body just needs a break from trying to break down all the fresh raw, fruit and veg in my smoothies and just have something warm, comforting and easily digestible.
Simply cook up a saucepan of steel cut oats, thinly sliced banana, vanilla protein powder, grated zucchini, almond milk and water until thick and absorbed all the water, leave to cool slightly and then top (bottom of mug, middle of oats and top of last of course!) with nut butter- this was almond butter on the top and bottom and crunchy PB hiding in the middle!
Absolutely delicious and you cannot taste that zucchini; all it does is added extra volume so my bowl of oats is never-ending!!
And you get in a serve of veg- win win!!

Finally I have my lazy lunches and dinners to show you can still get in all those good nutrients with minimal time in the kitchen!
This is literally a bowl of steamed broccoli, brussels, peas and spinach with some butter beans, stirred with some tomato paste, herbs and nutritional yeast. Too easy.

Study break/ lunch time?
Roast potatoes (sweet and regular), steamed peas and fresh celery and cherry tomatoes sounds pretty good!
Hello deliciousness:
Last day of exams?
Celebrate with a microwave rice bowl with a rice and quinoa cup heated up with tomato, capsicum, celery, peas, corn, four beans, spinach and hummus until nice and hot and delicious!

So good.

Ok, I feel like this post is getting relatively lengthy (that's how long it's been since we've had a good catch up! So I hope you enjoyed this currently post, I do like writing them, gives myself a snapshot of what's going on in my life making some positives/ negatives more evident!

Your turn:
Favourite workout of recent?
Current breakfast obsession?
Quickest and tastiest throw-together meal?

I hope you all have a fabulous day, smile lots, do what you love and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Me? I'm off to go not study! Ahh the possibilities are endless.. but what did I do with my time before I studied?? :P Bye for now friendly friends!! :D


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