Monday, 18 July 2016

The Ultimate Brownie (For Breakfast!!!)

Hidy-doodly friendly friends and welcome to the post you've been waiting for!

The post that has it all; action, drama, suspense, romance, intensity...

Oh yes.

It is the post that holds the key to all your greatest desires, the post that will fulfil all your needs and better still, all your wants. The post that will not only satisfy your mind but also your very soul!

Ok, so maybe not all those things (I mean there's not actually all that much action is this post :P) but let me tell you that today I do in fact have a post that will at the very least make your tummy very happy!

You know the drill; adding blackbeans to brownies seems to be the most popular thing to do right now (frozen zucchini in your smoothies will be next guys!! It will catch on, I'm sure of it!) anywho, for some odd reason, me being the ultra-hip, trendy, health food blogger I am, I still haven't experimented with this creation; the blackbean brownie.

Sure, you can find multiple brownie and blondie recipes on the blog, raw, cooked, chickpea added; you name it! But no blackbean brownie.

Well, have no fear! The time has come! And I feel saddened even that I did not try this yonks ago, tears shed for every day that I could have been nom-ing on this delicious creation!

Monday morning, I awoke with the determination to smash out a hard leg-day (leg-day Monday, right?) and smash it out I did. And then the hunger came. Or more like, crashed, stumbled and rampaged through my belly, hammering on my insides to fuel the beast... and fuel it I did:

Oh yes.

I had no idea, but adding blackbeans to your brownie mix makes for the ultimate brownie texture and adds this amazingly rich and fudge-like taste that, let's face it, is paramount for an awesome brownie. I kept the other ingredients fairly standard to my usual raw, fudge brownies and then added in some blackbeans and baked in the oven for around 20 mins to create this incredible food morsel:

Ok, I have talked for well long enough and I need you, just as much as you need it, to have this recipe and make your very own. Right now. Get to it.

High Protein, Rich, Dark, Chocolate Fudge Brownie Bites:

1/2 cup blackbeans
1 teaspoon maca powder (optional)
3/4 cup rolled oats
1 scoop choc protein powder
1 teaspoon raw cacao powder
3-4 dates (depending on how sweet you want it- I had 2, which was perfect for me but not overly sweet)
1 heaped tablespoon nut butter of choice (I used a mixed nut butter)
1/2 cup almond milk (I used unsweetened- you can sub in any milk you like)

1. Preheat oven to 180 degrees celsius and line a small baking tray with baking paper
2.Add all the ingredients to a blender/ food processor/ vitamin :) and blend on high until smooth and combined (may need to stop and scrape occasionally)

3. Spoon out scoops of the mix (should be fairly sticky but still handle-able) and roll into balls, then flatten into brownie bites in hands and place on baking tray

4. Bake in oven for around 20 mins, or until top is slightly hard, warmed through and the smell is incredible!!

5. leave to cool slightly (not too long, warm brownies are THE BEST!) and then NOM!!

I enjoyed my fudgey blackbean brownies with some sweet, refreshing blueberry fro-yo (frozen blueberries and greek yoghurt whizzed up in the Vitamin until smooth; popped in the freezer until ready to eat)

And enjoy them I did:

Again; that texture though; blackbeans, you are my hero!

I have always loved brownies but I think now that I can make alternatives with so many more amazing nutrients and such a large amount of protein; I appreciate them even more. Especially now that I can eat brownies for breakfast! Doesn't get much better than that!!

Your turn:
Brownies or blondies?
What's your favourite sneaky add-in to baked goods?
Raw or cooked brownies? I change depending on how I feel, but I generally like the cold, creamy raw ones (no eggs of course; avo instead for that creamy factor!!)

That's it from me today folks, I hope you have a truly lovely day; make these brownies to make it even lovelies, eat something delicious and I will see you next time! Bye for now friends!! :D

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