Friday, 22 July 2016

Weekend :D

Happy Weekend everyone!!

Boy, was I ready for a weekend! I've been back at school 1 week (not even that; 4 days) and already I am so exhausted! I think part of it is just the prospect of how gigantosaurasly massive this term is going to be (my last one!!) but also the fact that it's a marathon, not a sprint- I've got to keep powering through until November 11th (final exam- Economics!)

Anywho, it was nice to be able to have a little more of a sleep-in (school + my preference to work out in the morning before breakfast means a 5:30am wake-up call each day!) a little more of a slower getting ready for my workout and then no nagging feeling to get the sweat sesh done and dusted so I still have time for breakfast; no one's going anywhere without me!!

And what a sweat session it was!

I posted on my Instagram (@steph2chef) that I don't think I've ever done a workout as hard/ challenging as the one I did today and that's saying something because I like to push myself. Sure you've been through those long 2+ hour run rehashes with me and yeah; they were tough- but this one? This one had me questioning whether or not I should stop for a breather because I thought I might throw up with the intensity!

So, what exactly did I torture bless my body with today??

I started with a light, slow warm-up jog to get the legs moving and ready to work! The jog was to a little off street from a road near my house that literally plunges like a steep rollercoaster down to a plateau at the bottom of the street.

And then I sprinted up it 12 times (recovery on the way down).

Let me tell you; if you want to raise you're heart rate, quickly and effectively- do that. Yep.

Following these sprints, I NEEDED to catch my breath, so I held around a minute plank at the bottom of the hill.

Then I spied another, much longer (but far less steep) hill a little further on and simply ran (not sprinted, but not jogged) up to the top- longer, more sustained raising of the heart rate.

I took a recovery jog back down and then- yes then- decided to do a beach run.
Seriously though...
Sand running is insane. I knew this, and yet it was 10000x harder after doing those hill sprints (duh, Steph!) but it still felt good and challenging all the same- around 7-10mins one way and the same back and I was gasping for air (sand running also raises your heart rate and the intensity of a slow jog!!).

Ran back to my street, Did one last hill run up the hill facing my house and sprinted back at around 25m to go. Phew!

It was on the beach run where I felt the intensity of this particular workout. It was also when I thought I was going to throw up. But, taking walking breaks when needed and knowing when enough is enough is what made this workout challenging, yes, but also extremely fun and leaving me feeling so powerful, strong and energised for the rest of my day!
Yeah, I'm not quite that hardcore.. :P

Of course, after deeming a workout the hardest one you've ever done in your life; you're gonna need some proper fuel to rebuild all those muscles and lost energy stores- so refuel I did!

Saturday morning pancakes for the win!

These bad boys are pretty much these Banana Pancakes (with mashed nana added for sweetness and no protein powder) topped generously with crunchy peanut butter and mixed nut and choc butter and raw banana slices, with a side of creamy blueberry fro-yo to  create that refreshing, cold, creamy contrast.

I'm sure there were a few spoonfuls of nut butter whilst topping these 'cakes too, so that was also included in my breakfast/ post-workout meal.

This meal was just perfect after that hard sesh; plenty of carbs, protein and fat and tasting sooooo delicious (always does after fasting (sleeping) and then working out!) I was one happy, happy Steph!

A few hours later (when the hunger bug kicked up again) and I got to enjoy a freshly-made lunch (not prepped the night before and eaten out of tupperware)
Roasted baby potatoes, sweet potato wedges, fresh capsicum and cucumber, peas and a side of popcorn (LOVE popcorn!!)

So now I'm just going to get in a bit more study, relax a little bit, eat some more food and just enjoy my lovely Saturday!

What about you?
What did you do/ have planned for this weekend?
Sweat sesh this weekend?
Weekend brekky?

I hope you all have a great weekend, relax, recuperate and do something you love; it's so important in keeping us sane!! Oh, and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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