Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Current Loves! :)

Hi there awesome people!

I was going through the mountain of pictures on my phone trying to come up with a post and because it was just a random assortment of (mainly) food and some other things I LOVE, I decided to create a post on the current things I've been loving lately.

Let's go!

1. roasted brussels sprouts and broccolini:
 Currently I've been on the roasted greens train; particularly the roasted brussels and broccolini and mate; so should you! It is so gosh darn delicious; roasted brussels sprouts taste very little the same as steamed brussels sprouts; they take on this new, rich, buttery sweet, nutty flavour and are utterly define. And broccolini? So sweet and delicious; extremely good lightly roasted in some extra virgin olive oil too!
 I first had it as a side for home-made pizza on top of a rye flatbread and then a few nights later as a side for some roasted pumpkin and a 'cheese' (lots of hommus!) and tomato toastie:
 (The broccolini in this shot was quickly blanched instead of roasted (i just wanted that truly naturally sweetness and crunch of the fresh broccolini!)
So very delicious!
2. This lunch:
 Friends; try this:
Cold, cooked cheesy pumpkin spaghetti.
Simply cook up some spaghetti (I used high fibre spaghetti), steam some pumpkin. Mash the pumpkin with some hummus, add some frozen peas and corn and spinach to the pot of boiling pasta 2 mins prior to draining- drain. Drain and rinse some mixed four beans- stir all together, place in tupperware; pack for lunch later on!
So good.
4. Persimmons:
The other day when I was out grocery shopping they had the nicest selection of huge, beautifully orange in colour persimmons and so I just had to pick up three (there was no price label on them, which is probably the reason behind me buying three!!) and they did not disappoint!
When you get a perfectly ripe, crisp, sweet persimmon, life is good my friends, life is good!
This picture featured another beautifully ripe, sweet, crisp brown pear alongside the magical persimmon :D.

Feeling like this after a run:
You know friends, I'm always one to keep it real on this blog and I have had quite the plenty of not-so-fabulous runs. Not every run is grand and exciting and energising. Nope, sometimes they suck. Big time. Sometimes your legs are tired, heavy, your breathing shallow, your head focussed way too much on the pain that the run is merely about completing a circuit and returning home (presumably for food :P) rather than the joy that is running.

But when you get that good run- that run where you feel invincible. The one where you run and run and don't even realise how far/long you've been running for because you just could run forever. That's the runs I live for and that keep me coming back again and again (because the bad ones make the good oh so good!).

2. Finally seeing some small gains in the arms department!!
Look, I know it seems a little superficial etc. etc. And trust me that's not what all this strength training is about (though I do appreciate the added bonus of tone-ness) rather i want to feel strong and be strong in my life. But seeing my arms take on muscle definition- it really does put a smile on the dial!

4. Breakfast after morning workouts:
You all know I love to workout in the morning bright and early (that whole thing about the brain not being awake enough to register the insanity of it all... yep, I get that :P) and I also generally like to workout without anything in my belly (too often I feel heavy and sick if I've eaten before a sweaty workout... which leaves me with the condition I like to call; MUST-EAT-BREAKFAST-NOW!!-itis.
 And i don't mind it one bit! As you can see by this pic, after a heavy weight sesh a mug of thick, gooey, rich, chocolatey protein oats with nut butter dolloped throughout is out-of-this-world on its own. Add in the fact that you haven't eaten from the night previous- a little taste of magic in your mouth (especially that very first bite!!)
 I hold it like a trophy, see ^^
 Always be mine!
I mean, does this just make perfect sense, or what? I love, love, love this quote because it is so incredibly true and I believe it with all my heart. Food is so incredible and yet so destructive too; so let's use food to its incredible capabilities and experience the unbelievably wonderful benefits!!

This one was just too cute, I had to save it and its just so powerful and important too. This isn't about changing who you are to fit in/ please someone, this is about believing you are so much stronger and as a result the strength within you will naturally shine (you might just be surprised just how strong and capable you are!)

And finally, this one doesn't have a category, so we're going to call this love miscellaneous:

1. This bowl I picked up from Target:
 I am in love. The shape, design, colour... gah- it's so awesome!
 I also got a light pink one with the word: Seconds? Written in silver (same shape) and it's just the perfect size for my big smoothie bowls/ banana nice-cream like this one shown here:
 This was simply 2 frozen bananas, 1 handful frozen zucchini chunks, spinach, kale, choc protein powder, raw cacao powder, crunchy peanut butter, cinnamon and greek yoghurt- NOM!
 I have definitely become a lot more into homewares and food styling props recently and so I'm sure you'll be seeing a few more different bowls/ plates/ cups around the blog in the future (and food just tastes better in a special bowl, am I right?

Your turn:
What have you been loving lately?
Fav food/ meal of the past week?
Fav workout that just makes you feel amazing??

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was quite fun indeed to write and I hope you also realise all the wonderful things you love in life. Life's pretty great, no? Relax, be kind, love others and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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