Sunday, 25 December 2016

What I Ate Christmas!!

Hidy ho friendly friends and happy Boxing Day!!

Yes, I am one of the millions of crazy people hitting up those boxing day sales today, but alas, I do not think I will be staying for very long- those crowds really do put me on edge!

Firstly, before I put myself through that... excitement, I thought I'd do a WIAW- this time; the Christmas edition!!

Unlike a lot of people, I pretty much eat the same kind of stuff because that's what I truly crave, but I did make sure all the meals I did eat yesterday were in fact what my body was truly craving!!

So here we go!!

My morning started bright and early with the sun blasting through the slit in my curtains and my body naturally waking up with the sun and so I rolled around in bed for a bit knowing my day would start verrrry early if I got up and ready then and eventually jumped out of bed- CHRISTMASSSS!

After toileting and drinking some water and all the other usual stuff that happens first thing in the morning I hopped downstairs and got my iPad to do a quick Blogilates workout (Extreme abs 3) for my active rest day and then jumped back down the stairs for brekkkyyy!!
After checking my emails and Facebook and the like (lno ones up yet so I have to entertain myself somehow!!) I was in the kitchen with the powerful Vitamix to whip up a delicious (and huge!!) chocolate green smoothie!
When I say huge, I mean literally another whole smoothie left in the blender after I filled this jar!!

 To make this bad boy I placed 1 large handful frozen zucchini, 2 frozen bananas, 4 chunks frozen spinach, 3 spoons greek yoghurt, 2 teaspoons raw cacao powder, 1 teaspoon cinnamon and 1/2-3/4 cup water into the Vitamix and blended on high until smooth and creamy dreamy!
 Oh, and thick enough to be eaten with a spoon of course-just the way I like it!
 Straining to get the smoothie up through the straw really makes it last a long time and it just tastes so delicious! Sweet, rich, chocolatey, creamy- the perfect breakfast (not to mention crammed with untraceable veggies!!)

The grandparents arrived around 10am after my mum, dad and I headed out for our annual beach swim and then walk (super perfect day as well!!) and my sister 11am and then it was present time!
So much love and laughter and giving, it was really such an awesome time!!
Whilst mum set out all the fixings for our typical hot Aussie Christmas lunch (cold roasted meats, a big veggie salad- roast veg, raw veg, walnuts, feta etc., boiled eggs, buns, salad, cheese...) I got my oven roasted veg (pumpkin, parsnip, beetroot, swede, sweet potato, regular potato, roasted in extra virgin olive oil and thyme for about an hour) out of the oven and popped it in a bowl with some drained and rinsed lentils:

 Utterly delicious (anyone else obsessed with roasted thyme- sweet and crunchy and herby goodness??)

We were all in a food coma for a while follwoing lunch so we played some games around the table and then I started cutting up the desserts (my job for Chrissy- baking the sweets!) which included a big baked chocolate cheesecake with oreo crust and ganache topping and a pineapple upside-down cake both served with ice cream/ cream and also some choc coated caramels I made a few days a go, leftover from a Christmas party :)

By 3:20pm after games, sweet, a bike ride with mum and a little relaxing, I was starving once again and enjoyed a big handful of mixed nuts (cashews, almonds, brazil nuts) and a mug of soy milk- hit. the spot.

You know when you just need extra protein?? My body was just kind of screaming for it! Yes, sir!

After my snack the family played a few more games together, I showered, got into comfy PJ'S and then threw together one of my favourite, easy, no-thinking meals:
 Hi-fibre spaghetti with peas, wilted spinach and mixed four beans, stirred together with vegan cheese (hommus, nutritional yeast and some water mixed together until smooth and combined)
So easy and so delicious!

After dinner I snacked on 4 dates (they were huuuggeee) from my grandfathers cheese platter that he brought along (biggest and most impressive cheese platter I have ever seen!) and then I was done for the day- teeth brushed and settling in for our favourite Christmas movie; Love Actually :) :D

Aaaand that's what I ate Christmas!!

What about you?
What was on the Christmas menu for you this year?
Did you have a Christmas breakfast, lunch or dinner?
Favourite Christmas time food?

I hope you all have a lovely and restful break, sopend time with friends and family, share love, laughter and happiness, make memories and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D :D 

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