Saturday, 17 September 2016

Sunday Love!!

Hi friends and happy SUNDAY!!

How great are Sundays, am I right??

Sundays just so happen to be my designated rest days where for the first time all week I can actually lie in bed and not move for as long as I want (this morning featured a lie in to a whopping 6:25am!! :P) and not have anything playing on my mind to do!

So I sauntered out of bed with the sun, entered the kitchen and whipped up this delightful green smoothie to kick-start my day with ALL the nourishment! (I'm upping my intake of all the good stuff during this exam time... that is lasting until the end of Nov- alas let us not think too much into that!... to ensure I remain fighting fit and healthy throughout this awesome time in my life ;).
 This bad boy featured 1 large frozen banana, 1 big handful frozen zucchini chunks, 1 huge handful frozen mango chunks, kale, spinach (LOTS!!), greek yoghurt, soaked rolled oats in almond milk and water- so GOOD!
 Little close up^
Aaaand a little view of half-way done:

I also wanted to add my little feet of victory from yesterday, whereby I woke up to tackle my typical Saturday morning long run and somehow managed to smash out approx 20km!! So proud of myself and, yep, definitely felt it for the rest of the day; but hey- thats why we are resting today my friends!!
 I think the prominent vein sticking out on my forehead is evidence enough that I truly pushed myself in that run!! :P

Now back to exams:
You may have noticed the posts becoming a little more irregular and infrequent and well, that is just the abs and flows of life my friends; I simply do not have the time (and if there is spare time; the energy) to write up 5 posts a week and keep em' coming week in week out and that's ok.

I felt guilty for a while there but honestly, this blog is for my utter enjoyment and hopefully your utter enjoyment too, so whilst the posts may be a little space over the next few weeks, I'll be back in action before you know it with ALL the delicious recipes to tantalise your taste buds!!

Alrighty, enough about that now- onto the stuff we all want- the lovely links from a round the blog-o-sphere that are worth your while to give a read!!


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I hope you found some interesting reads in that little basket of goodies and as mentioned above; I shall see ya when I see ya (wish me luck that my brain remains... well just remains!!) Don't know when/ how often/ what it'll be about but I'm sure you can all understand; busy time of life!!

Have yourself a wonderful day, do something you love, be kind to your body and, as always, eat something delicious!! bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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