Thursday, 17 November 2016

A Day In The Life- Of An Adult??

Hello there awesome-sauce-folks!

How's your day/ week/ month been??

I hope you answered good because life should be good and it's the ability to see the good in things (even when they're not-so-good) that creates true happiness!! Happiness isn't having a perfect life, am I right?

Alrighty, inspirational speech of the day done, now onto the good stuff!!

Now that I've officially graduated school and finished my final exams... life took a bit of a major gear shift- like that was all I knew- school and/or studying. There was no 100% free-time ever. Like for literally the past 12-14 years of my life. Every Summer holiday was great, but there was always that knowledge that you would be returning the next year to further develop on the stuff you learned the year before.

Except this time, no. Nope. Nada. Not going back! The past is in the paaaaaassssttt! Name that Disney film! :P :P

So today I thought it be appropriate to do a new Day In The Life post, as my days in the life have changed, once again and let's be real; days in the life almost always have to feature food... soooo...

Let's go!

Wake up for the first time for the morning- each day it's always, for whatever reason, somewhere around 4:45am-5:00am that I wake up and am therefore busting for the toilet- run to the toilet- back to bed for as long as my sleepy mind needs before it's WIDE awake and will not fall back to sleep. This is usually around 5:15-5:20am :P

Jump out of bed- morning bird my friends!- and brush my hair, grab a glass of water, fling open the curtains, tie them back to let all the Summer sunshine in! Make my bed (yep I'm one of those folks), pop on my workout clothes, tie the hair back into two pigtails (too short now for a reliable pony :P) put on a Lorna Jane head band to keep the hair back, grab phone, water and head on downstairs for whatever workout is crack-a-lacking today!

Begin the sweat sesh!
Recently I've been LOVING on Fitness Blender at home workouts- they're free, super challenging and all-round fun. I love, love, love doing HIIT now-a-days and as such have reduced my running quite a bit because I love the burn and rapid heart beat HIIT delivers.

I generally workout for over an hour and if I'm really feeling it- close to two, but I always listen to my body and if I've only done an hour and I'm spent, I will stop because there's no point pushing on through that!

I am now happily drenched in sweat and smiling through my endorphins and also entirely ready for BREAKFAST! I'm a fasted worker-outerer and thus my pre-workout meal is whatever I ate for dinner the night before; hence the importance of a good fueling dinner!! That said, by brekky time; I'm ravenous!!

So, into the kitchen to whip up something filled with all the good carbs, fats, proteins and love.

Today I was so kind to myself I whipped up these mint protein balls the night before and popped them in the freezer ready for an easy breezy throw-together breakfast:

Cherry 'green' smoothie to wash it all down:

Frozen cherries, 1 large banana, frozen zucchini, kale, spinach, greek yoghurt, water- nom!

Honestly though, these vanilla mint protein balls are so rich and fudgey and delicious you will not believe the goodness that is inside of them!! Oats, dates, mint, vanilla protein powder, almond milk, maca powder, almond butter- gah! So good!!

Inside shot:

Nom, nom

After breakfast I head on upstairs to shower (much needed) and change into actual human clothes (just kidding, I'm almost always back in workout wear, or leggins and a baggy t-shirt :) :D

Teeth brushed, hair done, dressed, guzzling water and flicking through Instagram as well as probably posting my breakfast/ workout because this is my favourite time to do such things!!

Ok, now to finally start the day- a whole day of freedom. Sounds amazing, actually quite daunting when you're entire year has revolved around waking above, doing the above things and then studying.

Alas I survive. And generally if the sun is out and shining I'll go for a nice long beach walk (hat and sunscreen applied now) to wake up the brain and just calm me down and make me feel so good- it truly is a form of meditation for me going down to the beach and breathing in that fresh salty air and hearing the waves crash- LOVE IT!

Back from the beach and ready to take on any chores for the day; some days that included cleaning up my entire study space- getting rid of all the books, pens, notes, random bits of paper and vacuuming.

Today it included going up to the shops to buy a pair of sunnies for my Leavers week away (leaving tomorrow!!!) and buying a few last minute snacks to take with me (bought some veggie chips and trail mix- yum!)

Continued to pack and find stuff I needed to stuff in my suitcase


Ravenous as always and this is what resulted; delicious rice and veggie bowl that is literally whipped up in 5 minutes (thank you microwave!)

Now is the time I like to have a bit of a chill and wind down so I generally pop on a movie on Netflix and stand around watching that (I hate sitting, by the way, and will often stand to watch movies- I also do some handstands and stuff while watching if I get a bit bored- good fun!)


After my movie I'll go outside again (get my energy from the sun people) and have a wonder around, might play with the dog a bit.

Then I pick up a book/ magazine and have a good read for a bit- love to read and this was also something I did not get to do very much this year (along with watch any movies, ha!)

Now's my favourite time to watch a bit of YouTube, What I Eat In A Days and other foodie/ funny videos

After a bit of watching my stomach starts a growling again and I whip up my favourite snack of always; fruit and soy milk, or just a big plate of frruit- and back to YouTube watching

Now is when I like to go take a shower/ bath and get into my pyjamas- yep. My mamma raised me right. If I have nothing on that night, there's nothing like getting into comfy PJ'S for the arvo and just chilling out.

I probably start thinking about dinner and what I'm going to make, so start whipping something up around this time. I'll also have a good scroll through the Insta now and see what everyone's been eating (and then get really hungry as a result!!)


Tonight was my favourite dinner of all time that I at least have once a week. At least.

And I almost never just stop after dinner- there is always a finishing glory- this time it was 2 pieces of 86% dark chocolate- so delicious!!

After dinner I head on upstairs again, brush my teeth, hair and settle in for the night with whatever's good on TV.

Generally find myself nodding off around now (yep... yep) and so get myself up, toilet stop, drink stop aaaand bed stop.

Happy, happy days!

And that's a day in my new life as a not-student (adult perhaps??)!

Your turn:
What's your favourite way to start the day?
Morning or afternoon exerciser?
Favourite dinner of all time??

I hope you enjoyed this post, I love to write them and also read other people's too! We're all nosy like that!! Have yourself a great day, do something you love, be happy and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends!!! :D

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