Sunday, 13 November 2016

Grilled Cheese! Aussie Style...


You guys.

Ok, we need to take this back to the beginning.

Now, I'm an Aussie, yeah? Yes.

So, in a sense that makes me automatically predisposed to love Vegemite. Now, I'm not saying every Aussie does, but let's be real, every Aussie secretly does :P.

Now, I'm also a human being right? Right.

So, in a way that would make me indisputably in love with warm, gooey, melty grilled cheeses? Yes.

Anyway, enough about the scientific facts I've just mentioned above. Let me let you in on what I'm going on about.

The other day when I was in the mood for lunch HANGRY MONSTER STEPH I had no idea what I wanted to whip up and generally my best creations come to fruition in this time of food desperation. So I went with it. I let go. I let my mind have a rest and went with my intuition. Followed my gut.. if you will. :P

And I found bread.

Yes bread! Exactly what my undercarbed body needs- high-five Steph, you legend!!

What next...

Vegemite- because I was craving the salt, the savoury the deliciousness that is Vegemite (if you have alternate opinions, kindly keep it to yourself- many thanks.)


Now what?


Oooooook, calm down Steph- this can happen! And enter the monstrosity of a creation that resulted from this furious rambling about the kitchen piecing together bits and pieces to make a delicious meal:
Enter the home-made wholemeal spelt, Vegemite, gooey, vegan cheese, open-faced sanga that ultimately made my week:
I mean, come on!
The cheese is warm and gooey, golden brown at the edges, the Vegemite added that hit of salt and savoury love, the bread, added the bread. Need I say more?

So please; whatever you are making for lunch, whip this up too (trust me, my slice of bread was THICK (end piece, hehe) and this is integral to the sandwich.) and you will not be dissapointed- I'm sure it could even turn Vegemite haters into lovers!
Gah, just the sight of it is making my mouth water!
For the vegan cheese I simply stirred together in a small bowl 2 tablespoons hommus, 1 tablespoon nutritional yeast and 1-2 teaspoons of water until pour-able consistency
Then, after spreading my piece of bread with Vegemite, I spread on the 'cheese' and popped it on a tray in an oven at 200 degrees celsius on grill to crisp up the bread into toast and cheese-ify that glorious vegan cheese!
And after all these pictures I appear to have taken on this one slice of bread you would think that was my whole lunch! But come on guys, Steph was hungry remember??
There was a big ol' salad of veg too, have no fear!!
Happy, happy days

Now over to you:
What is your favourite alternate additions to grilled cheeses/ open faced sandwiches?
Vegemite lover or hater and favourite way to use the yeasty spread??
Favourite lunch of the moment?

Seriously though, please make this because it is too good not to have others experience it! Also, have yourself an EPIC day, do something you love, smile uncontrollably, and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D :D

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