Monday, 27 March 2017


Hi friends!!

I know I've been a little absent on the blog front lately- but if you follow me on Instagram you would know i'm still alive and thriving! :D :D

Nope, just bogged down with the hectic-ness that we call the beautiful life and whilst I love blogging and it brings me so much joy, I have had to put it on a bit of a back burner for now as I simply do not have the time to sustain a consistent blogging schedule!

So to keep up with the daily consumptions of moi, I literally post it all on Insta with recipes, so that's where you can get all those delicious inspirations for your next meal whilst I am not blogging regularly!!

In the meantime to fulfil your food-lovin' needs (and mine :P) here is a pic of some sweet potato toast I made for brekky the other morning. It was awesome:
 Eaten with a delicious bowl of mango fro-yo:
 This bad boy involved a few big handfuls frozen mango chunks, handful frozen zucchini, 4-5 frozen spinach chunks and 3 spoons greek yoghurt- whazzed up in the Vitamix until smooth and creamy and popped in the freezer whilst 'toasts' were cooking :D
 And the sweet potato toast was literally sliced sweet potato toasted multiple times in the toaster until cooked through:
 Topped with cashew butter and smooth PB:
It did take quite a few toasts but in the end it was worth it- nicely browned and crisp on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside:

 And of course this happened:
Happy days.

So yes, that's what happening at the moment- again, keep up with ALL the food on Insta (@Steph2chef) and I will see you when I see you!

Keep eating delicious foods friendly friends!! :D :D

Ever eaten sweet tater toast?
Fav topping for them?
Fav way to eat sweet potato? Roasted, baked whole, steamed, mashed, toasted?? (thinking about steaming, mashing and popping in my almost empty jar of almond butter tomorrow :) :D)



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