Saturday, 5 April 2014

Pancake+ Green monster Sunday!

Yeah, that's right, today was not just pancake Sunday... it was also GREEN MONSTER SUNDAY! Two of my recent favourite breakfasts in one.
I'm sure you know how this happened. I had trouble making up my mind. Again.
So I got this delicious breakfast:
I swear, when I can't make up my mind for what I feel like for brekky, I end up having the most delicious meals!
Today was muesli pancakes and a thick chocolate green monster.
Thick Green Monster Smoothie:
1 frozen banana
1/2 frozen avocado
1 frozen  milk ice cube
2 handfuls spinach
1/2 teaspoon ground cinnamon
1 heaped tablespoon raw cacoa
1 tablespoon chocolate protein powder (optional)
1/4 cup milk (I used soy milk)

1. Add everything to a blender, place some frozen stuff on top of spinach to weight it down and blend until smooth!
2. Place in freezer while you make your pancakes!

Muesli Pancakes:
50g muesli (with nuts, seeds and dried fruit) + about 4cup milk
chia gel (1 tablespoon chia seeds, mixed with 1 tablespoon milk ( I used oat milk)
10g coconut flour
1/4-1/2 milk (depending on how thick you want them)

1. Prepare chia gel
2. Place muesli in a bowl add milk (I said about 1/4 cup, really add enough to just cover all of the muesli, let sit for 5-10 mins until most of milk is soaked up.
3. Process chia gel in a small food processor. Add the soaked muesli to the food processor and process until combined:
4. Place coconut flour in a bowl, add muesli goop (sorry, mueli mixture!) and milk- start with a 1/4 cup then add more if you want thinner pancakes. Whisk until combined.
5. Spoon onto pan lightly greased with oil, on low heat. Now these pancakes have no eggs, so they can be very fragile so cook them for a bit longer than regular pancakes, maybe 5 mins on low heat, then carefully flip, if they break- press them back together)
So these took about 10-15 mins on low heat to firm up.
6. Flip onto plate and add any toppings you want. I went with brazil,walnut,almond,cashew butter!
 7. Enjoy!

Best friends forever:
Another yummy brekky I've recently enjoyed?
Yeah Baby!
Simple whipped banana oats topped with peanut butter wholegrain cheerios:
Happy Pancake + Green monster Sunday!!!

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