Monday, 9 November 2015

Because sometimes you just need easy!

Hello Friends!

This is not a beautiful recipe post.

This is not an inspirational, food creation post.

This is not a creative creation from Steph in the magical land of kitchen creativity.

No. This is real life and in real life we have one of those day (days;) when coming up with something out of this world amazing/ sophisticated is simply out of the question and sometimes random creations come to fruition and it just might be what you really wanted after all!

Make sense?

Good! :D

Now let me give you some examples of such creations:

When I have to go to work of an evening and return at night in need of some food to fill my dinner-less filled belly...
That is when some pre-roasted potatoes (orange sweet potato and white sweet potato) with pre-boiled brown rice become your new favourite person.
Or those times when you've spent the whole day at school, studying and doing tests and assignments and then come home to more studying for tests and assignments and then dinner rocks up like 'Hey, I exist!' and all.
Enter avocado and baked beans and hommus on rye bread, toasted in a jaffle iron, along with the leftover baked beans and the end piece of toast topped with hommus, avocado and two poached eggs, with a side of steaqmed pumpkin and parsnip.
So easy to whip up requiring approximately 0.24% of my brain power.

Finally when life just gets way too busy and some leftover cold pasta in the fridge is such a good idea.

Especially when paired with the genius idea of mashed avocado mixed with hommus:
Boom. Cold, creamy avocado pasta!!

Eaten alongside some steamed greens with chili garlic tofu, because in all honesty I'm an eating machine and avocado pasta would not have filled me up!

Yes, I will admit to the world that even us food bloggers have those days when cooking food/ having the time to cook food is simply out of the question and random assortments of food on a plate is sometimes the best meal that could have happened any way.

Tell me:
Do you find you have those days/ weeks of 0 food time/ inspiration?
What's your go-to easy meal to create when you just. can't.
Cold pasta? Yay/ Nay? I love cold pasta so much!! I used to bring cold pasta to school for lunch with some grated cheese on top- best lunch ever!

I hope you can all relate to this at some point in your life and just know that it's absolutely fine to make whatever sounds good in the moment. Have a fantastic day and as always- eat something delicious (whatever it may be!) Bye!! :D

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