Thursday, 29 January 2015

Love me some lunch!

Happy Friday everyone!
Geeze Louise I am a thirsty monster this morning! No amount of water seems to be able to satisfy me, I must have drunk a few liters by now!! I have been on a run and it is quite hot today.... but still, I drink a glass and then I'm practically gasping for water!
Moving on though because this is not a post about drinking water (however important it is!) this is actually a post about lunch. I like lunch and I feel as though I should write a post about it. So here it is. :)

I will admit that when school returns I will probably enjoy lunch a lot less than now (as I'm on holidays) seeing as I'll have to prepare it at the same time I'm making breakfast and something about chopping and roasting veggies and veggie burgers and tofu and whatever else, just seems wrong with the sweet smell of oats cooking away in a pot on the stove.

So I am trying to make the most of every last day of freedom holidays before returning to school by making delicious, BIG lunches every single day!
 I've enjoyed breakfast for lunch:
Reduced salt baked beans, 2 soft boiled eggs, oven roasted tomatoes, mushrooms, capsicum and brussels sprouts and some rye toast topped with vegemite and mashed avocado.
Mashed in the skin- why dirty up a bowl?
 There is something so amazing about the crunchy-ness of bread paired with the saltiness of vegemite and the creaminess of avocado that makes this perfect little creation taste so good!
 Also oven roasted veggies. That's it. No more needs to be said. ;)
 And eggs. Little treasure troves of delicious golden awesomeness that make my life that extra bit happy. Yes.
 Interesting fact- The word luncheon actually only came about in the 17th century combining the words: lunch. a northern dialect word for hunk of bread or cheese, and nuncheon,a midday snack from Old English.
 This is an oldy but a goodie and you've probably seen it millions of times before.... and probably will again. Millions of times.
 My favourite grilled veggie sammy!
 This one had hommus, spinach, a grilled lentil burger, grilled pumpkin, capsicum, mushrooms and eggplant, with some sliced tomato, all on a mixed grain ciabatta roll and toasted.
Along with all the stuff that didn't fit in the roll:
Oh, there goes another cup of water!
I don't ever remember a time when I've skipped lunch. I've had late lunches and early lunches and small lunches and ginormous lunches but I've always managed to have lunch. Which is great because it is a very important part of our day!
 Home-made veggie burgers (beans, lentils, cumin, ginger, nutritional yeast, garlic, peas, capsicum, tomato, quinoa flakes)
See lunch re-energizes your body and can raise blood sugar levels when focus and concentration are flagging. (One of the many reasons I hate watching my friends skip it at school!) There are heaps of other benefits but I only have so much water near me to keep me going! (I'm seriously starting to worry ;)
 2 home-made grilled veggie burgers atop some spinach, tomato and cucumber with a side of white sweet potato and regular potato wedges.

 Roasted white sweet potato. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Gaaahhhhh.
Topped off with some salsa! Deeelish!

When lunch rolls around today, don't just choose the usual old, boring, un-filling sandwich- mix it up, fill it with colourful vibrant and oh-so-yummy veggies! Snack plates are fun too!

Your thoughts:
Do you ever have days when you're ridiculously thirsty?
What's your favourite thing to make for lunch?
Do you ever skip lunch?

Bye for now friends! Make today great! :D

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