Friday, 9 January 2015

The Colourful Diet

Hi everyone! IT'S SATURDAY! WOOHOO! Ok, caps lock away Steph! Also I'm not too sure why I am excited because I'm still on holidays.. everyday is pretty much Saturday;) And on Saturdays we all have a little bit of extra time to just relaaaxxx.

However I have never been one to simply relaaaxxx. So instead of relaxing, I decided to think.

I think a lot you know! Well, some people might mistake my thinking for day dreaming... but still- there are thoughts running through my noggin as I stare off blankly into space.

Thoughts like diets. Fad diets, well-known diets, ridiculous diets and of course my diet- where I fit into the grand scheme of diets.
 2 soft boiled eggs, with 2 slices of rye bread on top of spinach, with a side of peas and steamed carrots, swede, parsnip and beetroot
Looking through the past few days of my eats in search of what diet I fit into presented some interesting findings:

1. There were lots of wholegrains= not paleo
2. There were a couple of eggs= not vegan
3. There was plenty of fat= not low fat
4. There was bread and hommus and wraps from a packet= not raw

Mashed veggie wrap (mashed pumpkin, swede, parsnip and carrot) with pumpkin falafel and a sun dried tomato veggie sausage with spinach and spread with hommus- then grilled in sandwich press.

And on and on a list similar to this went. I didn't really fit any type of diet. Or so I thought... duh, duh DUH!
Every meal I looked at from the memory card on my camera (which is every meal I've eaten pretty much) revealed one common component, consistent each time.

No, I'm not vegan, or raw or paleo, or low fat, or no fat, or carb free,no.

I faithfully believe in and follow... the colourful diet!
Never heard of that one? No, neither had I until I made it up just then. It's the diet I apparently live by day in day out and I swear by it! People can feed you all kinds of things about eating x amount of calories one day and xy the next, leaving you happy and healthy and a brand new person! But I don't buy it. What I do buy? Eating a big variety of foods filled with bright vibrant colours will leave you happy, healthy and pretty much a super human! (pretty much ;)
 Veggie bowl with roasted sweet potato, potato and beetroot, with roasted tomatoes, spinach, lentils and grilled tempeh
Now, when I simply saying bright, vibrant, colourful foods that does not mean artificial, processed junk. Yep, put down those skittles right now! (I don't care if you can taste the rainbow!) I mean munching on the beautiful vibrant freshness of mother nature.
From vibrant green spinach, to rich ruby red tomatoes, to intense deep purple beetroot and bright pink popping berries!

Now, you can call me crazy and that this diet isn't sustainable for the long run... but you wouldn't, because it is. :D

I do have one confession though...
Today's breakfast- probably the most boring colour known to man! However don't be fooled. It was filled with all the good stuff!
Frozen banana + frozen avocado + greek yoghurt + chia seeds + spinach + kale + raw cacao powder + hazelnut and cacao butter + psyllum husks + splash of almond milk- all whazzed up until smooth! Based off this recipe.
Everyone knows that smoothies should be thick enough to eat with a spoon, right?

So that's my diet!

How about you?
What diet(s) do you follow?
Do you believe in the colourful diet?
Ever made a smoothie that looks worse than my one above? ;)

Bye for now folks! Enjoy your weekend... RELAAAAXXX! :D


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