Monday, 14 March 2016

A Week of Steph-Style Breakfasts!

Guess what!?!

You: What!?!

I love breakfast!

You: *rolls eyes because that is the most obvious thing, I mean have I even read this blog??

Anywho- I do. I love it, I love it, I love it and if I could only eat breakfast foods I would. Although the things I have for breakfast wouldn't really be considered your typical breakfast foods/ meal types... but still!

So, scrolling through the many food pics on my phone recently I decided that because I took pics of my- very delicious- breakfasts for the entire school week (public hol on Monday.. so starting Tuesday) that I would share what a typical week of breakfasts looks like for a Steph with a raging appetite and love for desserts- Steph- style!!

Ready for some inspo for your spoon to fill with and your tummy to adore? Of course you are!

Don't you love back to school/ work Tuesdays. You're already there. Wednesday is tomorrow- that's half the week done. It's practically Friday already! (Ok, maybe I'm getting a bit ahead of myself!)
Anyway- this brekky was super delicious, nutritious, filled with ALL the good stuff! I call it, Choc Oat Truffles with a side of deliciously creamy Strawberry  Banana Fro-yo:
The truffles were simply some oats, Cinnamon, chia seeds and wholemeal cheerios mixed together and then rubbed together with some warmed choc nut super spread and almond milk- popped in freezer for 30 mins to cool.
To make the fro-yo simply whiz together in a small food processor 1 chopped, frozen banana, a handful of frozen strawberries and half a cup of greek yoghurt (or omit the yoghurt altogether and simply make strawberry banana ice cream!)
Super delicious, filling and an awesome way to start your day!
See? Wednesday already! And for today's ultimate brekky...
An almost empty jar of delicious crunchy peanut butter filled with warm cherry cheesecake oats (You can find the recipe here).
There's nothing like a warm, filling deliciously sweet and yet tart jar of oats with the best 'surprise' (I totally planned it that way!) at the bottom:
One of my current favs (I know it's popped up on the blog quite a lot too... similar to the time I went through that smoothie bowl obsession :)
The only difference between this and a smoothie bowl.. well I guess you can see. They're separate! You see, for some reason now I prefer to have the warm, fudgey and crispy outside granola on it's own and then wash it down with a cool, creamy, thick smoothie:
In the mix today was mixed nut butter granola (3/4 cup oats, spoon of oat bran, cinnamon and warmed mixed nut and seed spread with almond milk rubbed in and then baked at 180 degrees celsius for 15 mins- until golden brown and crispy on top) with my much loved creamy dreamy smoothie- this one had added frozen zucchini chunks and kale as well as spinach- get those veggies in!:
Hello Friday, how I love the! And how I also love PANCAKES!!!
These bad boys were spelt/ rye flour, cinnamon, baking powder, oats, chopped dates and almond milk with a splash of water- whisked until smooth. Popped onto a heated non-stick pan with some oil and cooked/ flipped until golden brown on the outside (and extremely delicious on the inside!)
Topped with the mixed nut and seeds spread mentioned above- so good!
Hello warm caramel-y dates: (happy with that addition :D)
On the side? A big cup of banana fro-yo (1 large frozen banana whazzed up with some greek yoghurt until smooth and deliciously creamy (again, feel free to omit the greek yoghurt for some creamy dreamy banana ice cream!):
And the only way to eat them?
As pancake tacos!

And that's my week of breakfasts! Happy, happy days!

In all honesty I probably ensure I have as much time/ patience available as I give myself on weekends because making, preparing and enjoying my breakfasts is something I truly value in the mornings and something I try to give myself quite a bit of time for each morning (whether that be by making my lunch the night before or getting up a little earlier, or doing an extremely high intensity, yet quite short workout before... breakfast gets priority!). Not going to lie, though. Those Friday morning pancakes did involve some side reading of my human bio text book for an upcoming test that day and a review of my debate I was also giving that day! But still- I enjoyed it! :D

I hope you got some inspiration from these brekky's and are fired up and excited to make your own delicious creations in the kitchen. I literally love going to bed because I know that in the crazy short time when you close your eyes and then they open again, it will be brekky! It's like a time machine!!

What about you?
Are you a more sweet/ savoury brekky person? I tried savoury, I gave it a good ol' shot, but in the end I just love my dessert-like breakfasts far too much!
What did you have for breakfast today?
If you could only eat one breakfast for the rest of your life what would it be? I think I would go with my beloved banana peanut butter toastie... but then that would mean no oats!! Ahhhh!!

I hope you all have a great week, filled with love and laughter and delicious foods because as always; eat something delicious!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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