Sunday, 20 March 2016

Blogger Recipe Love!!

Hi friends!
Do you know what I love possibly even more than creating up recipes on my own? Trying out new, fandangle, awesome-ly awesome recipes of other bloggers and being blown away by their creativity!

In all honesty, time hasn’t really been on my side lately, so all the recipes I’ve been hankering to have a crack at, seem to journey to the back of my mind, or wait patiently at the side of my computer cut and pasted onto a yellow sticky note, reminding me that I have dreams of delicious foods that need to be created!

Well, this past week has seen me get my but back into cooking action try out a few of my saved recipes that I've had my eye on for months and months now- and the results were awesome!!

My first saved recipe that I've seen countless beautiful images of, that has intrigued me to the point of not believing the recipe to work....

Are the famous Blogilates' Banana Pancakes!
Cassey's recipe simply calls for two ingredients:
2 eggs
1 ripe banana
- Mash it all together et voila! Pancake batter!

I was a little skeptical about this at first, so my very first trial of this recipe involved 2 eggs, 1 ripe banana, a scoop of vanilla protein powder and a dash of almond milk:
Popped into a mini food processor and blended until smoothy smooth!
Next I heated up a non-stick fry pan, sprayed a little extra-virgin coconut oil on top and poured in half the mixture with the help of a measuring jug:
Cooking away... dum dee dum dee dahhh:
Little bubbles started appearing, I flipped em' over, cooked a little more, popped on some paper towel, a little more spray, rest of batter, cookidee cook and BOOM! Flourless, protein-packed banana pancakes!

I topped mine off with ALL the nut butter! Almond butter and crunchy PB.
On the side I had a sort of icee type thing; frozen rock melon/ cantaloupe chunks whazzed up in the mini food-processor until combined (sort of like a solid slushi- super good!
I was truly impressed by these 'cakes- especially the fact that they are flourless and probably the most natural pancakes ever!

Taste great too!
So that was a winning blogger recipe dish! What's next!?!
And now onto the savoury section of today's Blogger Recipe Shout Outs!

Arman; creator of The Big Man's World, and fellow Australian now living in America is also the creator of this recipe:

How could I go past something labelled as THE BEST vegan chili? So, with the knowledge that I wouldn't get home from my Sunday shift at the bakery until after 7:30pm and knowing I wouldn't want to cook anything upon my return.... a pre-made bowl of comforting chili sounded very appealing indeedy!!
So I browned off some onions in a saucepan with olive oil and garlic as the recipe told me, added in chopped red peppers and eggplant (eggplant was my addition- you know how I am with my added veggies!), spooned in half a tin of tomatoes, added some fresh tomatoes, water, curry powder, cayenne pepper, cracked black pepper and a 125g tin of mixed four beans and bubbled away for a good 30-40 mins:
Little bit of kale torn it at the end (again, I couldn't resist- iron for the win!)

The result?
 A beautiful bowl of flavourful vegan chili filled with spice, awesome textures and nutrition to boot!
 This was the perfect hearty meal to lift my spirits and comfort my soul and it was so gosh darn easy that makes me wonder why I'm always so hesitant to make things like curries or stews or chili's. Generally I just feel like I have no knowledge of spices/ flavour combinations but really it's basic, known spices that produce such a flavourful result!
 Little bit of rye flat bread on the side and I was one happy (albeit quite tired from working 6 and a half hours) satisfied, tummy-filled Steph :)

So there you go- one sweet breakfast and one savoury dinner recipe from two absolutely awesome, amazing bloggers who create delicious recipes and post on such interesting topics. If you don't read either of these guy's blogs I would definitely recommend you check em' out and specifically Blogilates for her workout videos- she's so positive, bubbly and motivating that you forget you're even working out (and you're muscles are dying) when she's right there on your screen doing it with you!

What's the best blogger recipe you've ever re-created and that you would recommend me to try out next?

I hope you all have a great day! Do something you love, have fun and as always; eat something delightfully delicious!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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