Sunday, 24 January 2016

Back!.. and reflections on food!

Hidy ho friendly faces!!!I'm baaaackk!

So, as assumed- sailing camp was awesome- I sailed, spent time in the sun, met a bunch of new people, created some life-long friends and in general simply had fun!

And food? (I suppose because this is a food blog, we should chat about this subject... and it's also a subject I utterly love to chat about!) The food was goooood! Whenever I go on Summer camps/ holidays/ travel places, I let go of any normalcy/ routines I've gotten myself crammed into and simply go with the flow. Of course I eat vegetarian but it's things like enjoying a big ol' sandwich with white bread and cheese, or lasagna with cream sauce, cheese, pasta or packaged ravioli and cream sauce/ packaged veggie patties and soy sausages etc.
Now, my body does indeedy function best on loads of veg, minimal dairy, not much white stuff (bread, pasta, rice etc.) but my body functions a heck of a lot better without stress and anxiety from worrying about what I'm eating!

I think it's great to force yourself out of your normal routine and just enjoy the company of others and the tastes of different foods you wouldn't normally eat because if you look at the big picture, it's just a short amount of time in your life that doesn't need to be spent stressing over eating different foods.

Not going to lie though, when I got home this was the first meal I had. And it was perfect:

A big bowl of veg!
Steamed pumpkin, potato, broccoli, brussels, mixed four beans and peas!

And then this was breakfast:
Finishing my week away with the brekky I ate (drank) on the morning I left! My super creamy dreamy green smoothie! (There was also some frozen zucchini thrown in there)
Sooo delicious!!
There was no possible way I could've gained weight on this camp (not that I was concerned about that though!) as we were always outside sailing, carrying boats, running around playing games and in all honesty I was craving all the foods we had- white baguette sandwiches, creamy lasagnas, big bowls of milky oats and I came home exactly the same! In fact I was probably more toned than when I left!

In conclusion- best week of my life, delicious foods, stress free times, happy days!

Good to be back!

What about you?
Do you/ did you love going on Summer camps?
Do you let go of your food rules when you travel, or try and pack/ plan all your meals?
Have you ever sailed before? It's quite fun!

I hope you all have a fantastic day and rest of your week, do something you love, be with those you love and make time for the important things in life! Bye for now friends!! :D

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