Sunday, 31 January 2016

Feeling nauseous!

You know when your stomach isn't really hungry or not hungry, but instead swirling around in a state of unhappy nausea??

Maybe you don't, but that's where my tums at, at the moment and I'm not loving it!

My guess is it's from the camps/ overnighters/ ball dinners/ out-to-dinners that have all hit at once recently and my body is kind of like; 'Woah! Steph, we don't usually eat like this!! What is all this salt/ dairy/ POTATOES coming from!?!'

And I'm all like; 'Don't worry body, it's fine, we're just living life through the waves of celebration and connecting with others that come and go like the tide.'

And yet my bodies still like; 'Nope, I'm gonna make you feel sick.'

Good times.

And yes, my body and I are fairly close and tell each other everything ;)

What's not fun about this whole constantly-feeling-ill state is none of my usual foods sound appealing anymore and this just makes me more upset and even frustrated as it becomes quite the task to find out what to eat. Things like eggplant and broccoli seem too acidic for me now for some reason? Then I think of bland foods like rice or pasta and get squeamish as I think of their texture!
Even just looking at this image makes me feel sick!?
This is what I can only assume being pregnant feels like (and no, 16 year old, year 12 student, Steph is not pregnant :P) and it is not fun!

I did a bit of research on the top foods to eat when feeling a little nauseous and some of the top contenders included:

Apple, crackers, ginger, nuts, banana, mint, lemon, toast and lots and lots of water.

To be fair, most of those foods don't leave me feeling worse when I think about nom-ing on them, but it also doesn't help that eating in general just doesn't sound appealing at the moment!

Out of interest I also researched the worst foods to consume whilst feeling nauseas and this is what came up:

Greasy, spicy or oily foods, caffeine, alcohol and carbonated drinks.

Safe to say I think I'm pretty clear on those foods, given that I can;'t stomach the idea of greasy/ oily foods, don't drink coffee/ tea/ energy drinks or alcohol or carbonated drinks.

So what is the game plan to get me back to my ravenous eat-everything-in0sight ways? Well, simply to try and eat foods that sound good. No I'm not eating some miracle food, living off tea for a week/ forcing my body to eat normally. It's all about that intuitive eating stuff again, friends. I'm listening to the body because the body is the one with all the answers, not what your mind thinks is right. (Unless of course your body doesn't give you accurate signals/ you're unsure of how to read your bodies signs!)

Wow, a whole post on nausea. Didn't expect it to take up that much room!!

Your turn:
Do you ever have days/ weeks where eating just doesn't sound good?
How do you help your body out of a nauseous state?
Have you ever overdosed on potatoes? I've gotta say, the bloat was not impressed!

That's all from me today folks, I hope you all have a lovely Monday, make the most of it- every day matters and as always; eat something delicious!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D


  1. I have definitely experienced this. For me I've found that ice water with lemon helps a TON! Hope you get back to feeling normal soon!

    1. Rach,
      Iced water with lemon actually sounds so good right now- that doesn't make me feel queesy at all!!! :D Thanks for your advice! :)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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