Monday, 4 January 2016

Back on track!

You know how I have been ridiculously hungry for the past week or so?

Well, when my body tells me it is hungry, I feed it. Logic, right? Right. So anyway, I'm not saying this was a bad thing or anything like that- my body obviously needed the extra fuel and was telling me so through ridiculous hunger pangs. However, now that the hanger (hungry anger ;P) has finally calmed down... I seem to have the belly of a pregnant woman come the end of the day!

Where am I going with this?

Life changes in a matter of days and it was now time for me to change my eating habits yet again (as my body was back to the normal level of hunger (still quite high compared to others!) and I had to cut back on the amounts of foods I had been eating to calm the beast!

So, here's a look at some of the delicious meals I've been nom-ing on as of very recently:
Firstly, there was a BIG ol' salad (the bowl was quite large too... so it sort of makes the salad appear smaller :D) with a whole bunch of raw chopped veg- carrot, capsicum, cucumber, frozen peas, spinach- and some garlic tofu:
Alongside three slices of this AWESOME new seeded sourdough at my local bakery:
Topped with hommus- it is diviiinnee!
So, I took a whole bunch of pictures of it:

Next up on my 'meals to deflate the bloat':
Delicious roasted veg of course!!
Last week when I was at the shops they had almost no pumpkins left, and the ones they did have looked quite shocking (we did go up quite early, they were probably;y still setting up all of their fresh stuff) anywho, the one I did end up buying was shocking- tasted like water!- so you don't know how glad I was to have a perfectly sweet and tasty pumpkin this week!

In the mix was roasted pumpkin, potato, sweet potato, eggplant, brussels sprouts, parsnip, beetroot and broccoli, with some spinach, drained and rinsed cannelini beans and lentils throughout!

Then of course there have been plenty of smoothies:
My favourite super huge, super tasty, green smoothie!!

More gigantic bowls of veg:
Quinoa bowl with steamed veg (pumpkin, parsnip, broccoli, brussels, sweet tater, peas and corn, with spinach.

What I've been trying to do in these last few days is simply listen to my body, stopping my eating when I'm full (see, when I was ravenously hungry, there was no way I would be able to eat slow and sense my hunger signals) eating a lot more whole fruit and veg, a little less grains and I'm finally starting to feel a little more like my usual self!

The take-away message? A detox doesn't have to mean only drinking juice for seven days, it can simply mean becoming a little more mindful and fueling your amazing body with all the delicious rainbow foods of nature!

Your turn:
Do you ever get periods of extreme hunger in your life?
Do you ever get serious food babies/ pregnancy bloats? I do. Too often.
What foods do you like to eat to help you back on track?

That's it from me today folks- I hope you all have an amazing day, do something you love doing, spend time with those you love and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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