Sunday, 27 March 2016

A Letter to the Shamers... of the Body Variety

Hello there beautiful people!

Today is Monday and what does one do when one misses pancake Sunday and wakes up Monday morning?

Well, one rolls out of bed, checks the time, sees it is 5:50am, gets a drink, rolls back into bed, realises one is awake, gets out of bed, grabs a full glass of water, puts on workout clothes, goes for an early morning beach run which seemed to get longer and longer because one was feeling rather good on this run, returns home to do a quick Blogilates workout and...

Makes Monday Morning Pancakes!!

See, we got there eventually!

 These were simply a few vanilla protein 'cakes made with spelt/rye flour, rolled oats, vanilla prtoein powder, cinnamon, baking powder and unsweetened almond milk with two chopped dates thrown in there and stirred up until smooth- pan over medium heat with light spray of oil, 2-3 mins each side- et voila!
 Placed on some paper towel and then topped off with either mixed nut and seed spread or home-made peanut butter- these were delightfully delicious!!
 With a side of blueberry fro-yo to serve! Frozen bluebs + 3 big scoops of greek yoghurt- whazzed up in a mini food processor until smooth!
And now some eating shots for your pleasure:
 Onto the topic of today's post! Totally got carried away by my Monday Pancakes!!
Having recently dipped into the world of Instagram it has become even more apparent as to the level of justification and self love we all seek in life (whether it's in our day-today relations or via social media)

P.S. Ronda Rousey is a legend

There doesn't seem to be an end to the amount of workout snaps, recaps of how far someone ran and then how little they ate, a picture of a teeny cookie with a caption like; 'TREAT YOSELF!' and all this through the edited, pretty coloured, perfect world of a phone lens.

I'm not going to lie- I am a big fan of Instagram (even if I've been on it for less than a week) but it just makes it more and more obvious to me how much self justification and self worth is tied through the pictures and thus the likes of each of these pictures.

And I think I know why.

Too many people are worried about the shamers. The shamers of this world who seek to bring people down. Who see any flaw and will make a comment. Who have only a negative mindset. Who judge before judgement is valid. Who comment before comment is required. Who cause so many of us (particularly young girls/ women) to ultra-beautify and edit our lives so as to receive praise and self-worth.

#gymselfie #naughtydessert #ideserveit...

It's these people who judge without any background knowledge or respect that cause so many people to develop eating disorders. To cut down the amount of food they eat until they reach a 'perfect amount' by what society deems as acceptable. Who abuse fitness, or even become addicted to working out because then the shamers can't get to them.

But I think the worst thing about shamers is the fact that the worst shamers of all out there in this world... are us. Us onto ourselves. And the real reason we do the extreme things we do isn't because of a fear necessarily over what someone else might think, but is actually an internal battle between ourselves and our minds who judge and spread negative thoughts and escalate our morals and values into obsessions that slowly but surely become extremely unhealthy.

So, here's to the silencing of the shamers. The external shamers and the internal shamers. You do you. Listen to your body and do what it pleads for. If you are hungry eat. If you are tired rest. If you are buzzing with energy jump up and down like a mad thing whilst spinning in circles (always a fun pass time of mine! ;). If you want to spread your nut buter on thick- spread it on thick:
 I know I do!
If you want a little something after dinner, have a little something after dinner- your body or even just the wellbeing of your mind will thank you for it:
Dark choc and soy milk... Happy days!
If you need a lie in, in the morning, don't force yourself to complete your 10+km run. Take the lie in and skip the awful feeling you'll now associate with running and the likelihood of injury caused by over training.

If you need to exercise to free your mind of stress, anxiety or just a heap of energy- go out and MOVE!
This be me after running on the beach and Blogilate-ing it up- feeling AWESOME!

Most of all, just love yourself. Flaws and all. Because the one guaranteed way to get rid of all shamers, both external and internal, once and for all is to show them that you know you're awesome and there's nothing anyone can say that could sway you otherwise!

Also, get yourself a shirt that has your daily slogan on it. Because then you will fell great :D

If you suffer with shamers (whether it's extrenal people, your own inner thoughts or a combination of the two) I really truly hope you take some of these messages away and just know that the real you is so much cooler than anything a shamer can understand, so you just gotta show as best you can just how amazing you are!

Your turn:
Do you battle with external/internal shamers?
Have you felt the same sort of vibe on Instagram?
What did you have for breakfast this morning?

 I hope you all have a truly lovely day, do something you love doing, be kind to yourself and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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