Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Day In The Life!!

Hidy-ho friendly friends and welcome back to the blog that talks all things food, fitness and health related.

But you all know it's mainly food.

Because hey, food is amazing, no?


Ok, moving on! Today I thought I'd do a 'Day In The Life' post whereby I documented my way through everything I did on the Sunday just gone so you can know exactly what a wacky, 17 year old, year 12 student, food loving, exercise loving, vegetarian, teenage girl does for a whole entire day (that does not involve working/ going out- a typical day at home!)

So, without further a-do, here is what I do:

6am-6:30am wake up blissfully without the help of my alarm making sure I'm up at 5:50am (the alarm I generally set for the school week) which is utterly blissful as I get a little lie in- I'm an early riser anyway but still, anything after 6 is awesome!
Up and out of bed!

This is my wake up face. Steph is awake. ;P

During this time I headed downstairs, fill my big cup with water, grab my iPad and head back up to my room (all this in basically pitch black, I'm quite stealthy as a result of this daily practice!)

Back up to my room, back into bed, sipping water, flicking through some Buzzfeed articles, waking up a little more before I head out for an easy long run.

But I don't wanna change out of my comfy PJ'S! #Storyofmylife

6:30am-7:40am ish- Go out for a long run all around town, letting my legs go where they will and enjoying the freedom of a lengthy run that is simply not possible during the school week.
New Under Armour gear I got with a birthday gift card for Rebel Sport

 7:40am- back home, stretch a little, chug some water, wipe my face with a wet cloth, and then I headed into the kitchen to whip up some breakfast
 Returned from run sweating but still smiling!
 Beauuuuutiful morning- how could I not go out for a run??
 Those are my legs- albeit quite tired and a little achy, not gonna lie!
 When I return home I kick my shoes off before heading in doors to do a little cool down stroll of my court/ street and do some stretches- I just need my feet to be freeee!

8:00am- Sit down to this glorious breakfast!
 All the 'stuff' in a blender- Frozen banana, frozen blueberries, frozen zucchini, soaked oats and chia seeds, kale, spinach, greek yoghurt, and water, whazzed:
 This made a heck of a lot of smoothie so I had to drink quite a bit and then fill my jar- I'm not complaining though!!
 Still quite overfilled!
 Cat snuck in the frame!
Nom. Or should I say; slurp?
8:30am- After showering, dressing and preparing myself for the day I head into my mum's study which is now my year 12 study area for a good solid few hours of school stuff. This is the most fun part of my day obviously!
 Do you like the mess?? :P Still loving my standing desk!!
Hello human bio
11:00am Shops open at 11 on a Sunday, so I head up to do my weekly grocery shop (worked on Sat which is my usual food haul day!) buying ALL the veggies!

12:00pm- Back home, slight hunger calling to me to prepare some FOOOOD!

1:00pm- FOOOD made:

 Brown rice, raw tomatoes, spinach, peas, corn and veggie patty... delish!

2:00pm- This is where I get stuck most weekends because I've done my study/ homework and now I have free time?!? What!?! What did I do with my life before I had school work? The questions of life I tell you. So instead I just take some time off. Pop my feet up and read a book. Feels pretty good!
 Currently reading a dystopian novel called 'Twinmaker'

4:00pm Make myself a snack:
Again, quite ravenous for a snack!! Mixed raw almonds and cashews with a mug of ice cold soy milk  :)

Then get stuck into making my lunch for tomorrow's school day
 A big veggie, oven baked omelette/ frittata!
 Grated carrot, chopped capsicum, broccoli with some hommus, beaten eggs and water- baked at 180 degrees celsius for 30-40 mins until crispy golden on top and cooked through

5:00pm Relax time- have a bath, scroll through Insta, watch a bit of Freelee the Banana Girl on YouTube (I just get so engrossed in her videos- she's very charismatic!!) Jump back into my comfy PJ'S! Yaaass

6:00pm- Start making din dins (quite a bit on the ravenous side) During this time I also scroll through some blog posts I've missed from my fav bloggers on the iPad near the kitchen.
Also, just to throw in there- these are my steps for today calculated on my phone- I don't take my phone everywhere with me so majority of these would have come from the run- BOOYA smashed that target!!
 Super easy, super simple- roasted butternut squash and kent pumpkin with some roasted potatoes all roasted in extra virgin olive oil and fresh rosemary for around an hour:
 A side of refreshing cucumber and hommus for dipping to go with (I was just feeling like some extra hydrating, water rich veg- you know when you just feel a little blah/ oily etc?)

7:00pm- brush teeth, brush hair, set school clothes out for tomorrow, set a little later alarm because tomorrow (Monday) is a glorious rest day after the long run from today) and then turn on the TV for some MKR (My Kitchen Rules) action and Instagram scrolling to settle me in for the night!
Comfy relaxing spot (Love and always have loved sitting/ lying on the floor.. for anything! :D)

9:00pm- in bed, tucked up, ready for sleep!

And that's a typical weekend day for me!

What about you?
Are you a natural early riser or can you sleep straight through the morning if you could?
Do you pre-prepare your lunches for school/ work the next day? What are some of your favourite packed lunches to make?
What did you have for breakfast today?

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day (whatever/ however it is you live your life!), do something you love and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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