Sunday, 3 April 2016

Why I Love To Exercise.. In The Morning!

Not gonna lie- I think I could probably write two separate posts on both Why I Love To Exercise and Why I Love To Exercise In The Morning... because I have so many reasons for each and once Steph gets rambling...

Hidy ho folks, I hope you're all having a fantastic week so far and are roaring through all your daily activities and jobs with a nice balance of fun stuff and treats for yourself to go with!

Today I wanted to specifically talk about my love of exercising in the morning. Being a morning exerciser. Rising before the rise of the sun to sweat it out!
It's funny (well funny to me. Probably not to most people) but when I typed in 'morning exerciser' to google (trusty ol' Google- always there for me!) almost every result that popped up was a page for 'Tips For Becoming A Morning Exerciser' and 'How to Become A morning Exerciser.' Seriously, almost every pop up. And yet, I would argue that I struggle just as much with motivating myself to sweat it out after a long hard day at school/ work/ lounging about on the weekend ;).
I just couldn't comprehend why so many people found it so difficult to motivate themselves to pop up out of bed and get their heart pumping and those great, great, great endorphins flowing. But then I figured I should simply reverse my reasons for not being an afternoon/ night worker-outerer to those who hate morning exercise. After a long day I feel tired and sluggish. After a sleep a lot of people feel tired and sluggish. After a big day I am fuzzy and out of it. After waking up in the morning many people are fuzzy and out of it (especially prior to coffee time.. and I'm not a coffee drinker..) In the afternoon I just want to lounge about and gradually relax. Lot's of people in the morning just want to lounge about and slowly and steadily prepare themselves for the day.
So I guess I can relate in a sense to lacking motivation in the morning to workout. But I am truly, truly grateful that I am a morning exerciser and I've made a list as to the reasons why I love it so much just for your reading pleasure!!

1. I get my exercise done!
I don't know about you or what your experience was in year 12, but after a day of school, filled with the prospect of diving into a mountainous pile of homework and study... I could very easily make excuses not to exercise and lower it's priority in my day if I left it to the afternoon.

It sounds a bit ridiculous but it's true. Exercising in the morning means I actually get my workout in! This is so important and means I will reap the rewards of exercise- endorphins, positivity, motivation in my day to day life, strong, healthy heart etc. etc.

2. It gives me a sense of accomplishment early on in the day which keeps me motivated to get more stuff done because I've got the feeling that I'm being productive and achieving things.

I guess this is quite the psychological reason but hey, if it works! If I've run around 6-10km before I've even eaten my first meal of the day I feel great and motivated to power through the rest of my day.

3. I also feel great literally, as for those endorphins I mentioned earlier. I feel more awake, focused and energised (well, as much as one can be learning about Australia's terms of trade and calculus) which can only be a positive for my schooling in my eyes!!

4. Have you ever heard that saying; 'Exercise in the morning, before you're brain figures out what you're doing.' Obviously this is just a bit of a laugh, but there is some truth to that in the sense that it does feel a little less strenuous/ tiring to me because I am still slightly in my sleep phase (especially for a very early 5am run!) and I find that if I'm a lot more awake at 5pm then I feel every muscle crying out with pain and fatigue whilst I try for my second squat of the day.

5. The sense of extreme peace and freedom felt when exercising before anyone in the whole entire world even seems to be stirring (yep, let's go with it :P) is quite the majestic experience. Running in the darkness of dawn is unreal and I think everyone needs to experience it at least once in their life!

6. It keeps my appetite and metabolism roaring all day and I feel hunger and satiety which means my body is functioning healthily and energy is being burned to fuel my beautiful machine of a body. Hunger doesn't scare me because I know it's my body yelling for food to refuel after an awesome workout.

7. Finally, does breakfast ever taste as good as it does after a heavy workout sesh? No way. I can't tell you how good peanut butter on toast with a delicious, creamy, cold green smoothie tastes after running over 10km because I would simply start salivating and day dream off into breakfast heaven. That first meal of the day refueling your body from the fast of sleep and the energy burned woking out is the best meal of the day in my opinion!

So there you go- the MANY (and there's more, don't you worry!) reasons I love to exercise in the morning!

Your turn:
Are you a morning/ night exerciser?
Think you can change my mind as to why afternoon/ night workouts are better?
Favourite breakfast to eat after an AWESOME workout?

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day, whether your sweating it out later on or simply pulling on some bed socks and watching a good ol' TV show curled up on the sofa like me- enjoy it!! Oh and EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friends ;D .


  1. "does breakfast ever taste as good as it does after a heavy workout sesh" Now we're talking! Working out is like a drug! Glad you've taken the time to share your motivation tips!

    Loren P | London Fight Factory

    1. Loren P,
      Haha- it's so true though! I agree entirely! Motivation is key and I hope I've helped spark some in others!!
      Thanks for dropping by and have yourself a wonderful day!
      Steph2chef :D


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