Thursday, 17 December 2015

Coconut Friday

Hello there beautiful people!

I hope you are having a brilliant Friday, filled with brilliant Friday things and if you're still going to work/ at school somewhere/ not basking in the happiness of the freedom obtained from a Christmas holiday... then when you do finally get a break it will be so much sweeter anyway!!

Today, I'm back to that taboo topic of the time (alliteration.. I like it) otherwise known as coconut.
If you would like some more in depth posts on my thoughts and opinions surrounding all things coconut visit here, in a nutshell- I think everything in moderation :) Coconut oil/ butter nut butter or avocado is high in fat, but filled with so many other great properties that make me believe it's not the devil quite a number of people categorise it as.

Instead, I would like to shed light on a slight obsession/ overload/ happiness inducing use of coconut  I've unintentionally delved into over the past few days!

It all began with last night's dinner:
 Into a warm frypan went a heaped tablespoon of coconut oil, chopped eggplant, zucchini and butternut squash.
This was browned for around 5-10 mins until slightly golden and slightly tender.
Next went in some chopped mushrooms and frozen broad beans:
 After another few minutes I tossed in some frozen peas, corn, lentils and spinach, added a little more coconut oil and cooked over medium heat for another 5 mins until everything is nicely golden brown, fragrant and tender.
 And into a bowl ready to be devoured! (letting it cool for 20 mins because I'm a freak who likes cooled food :)

After last nights dinner, I woke up with the craving of some coconut butter in some form or other. Would it be truffles? Oats? Pancakes?
All I knew was that I had run out of my home-made coconut butter and needed to whip up some more, so when I was decided what to whip up, I whipped up a fresh batch of liquid gold white!
 It's so simple-pimple to whip up, you only need to half fill your food processor with desiccated coconut and then whaz for quite a while until liquid and smooth (I probably whazzed it all up for around 10-15mins)
 Then into a sterilised jar (ran out of jars, so used a mason jar mug instead :) lid on and hey presto! You can either keep it in the fridge or cupboard (I choose cupboard).
 And you can have fun tricking both yourself and others that it's a glass of milk! Slightly more fat than milk. Slightly ;)
 devoidness of coconut now corrected!
 Happy, happy days!
 Which brings us straight to this morning's breakfast:
 A super delicious bowl of raw coconut butter granola with s splash of almond butter:
 Simply some rolled oats, cinnamon and low-sugar cheerios with some freshly made, warm coconut butter rubbed in and then some almond milk poured in at the end:
 So tasty:
 Alongside that delicious bowl was a frozen orange creamsicle smoothie with a frozen banana, frozen orange, frozen zucchini, kale, spinach, greek yoghurt and water:
 Spoon shot
 Slightly better spoon shot:
 Happy Steph :)
So yes, these past few days have seen a reignited love affair between me and coconut and there have been no complaints from me!

What about you?
Are you a coconut fan?
Favourite way to use coconut oil?
Coconut butter- how much do you love it? (Yes, you can only love it! ;)

That's it from me today folks, have a fabulous day, do something you love and EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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