Thursday, 7 January 2016

Weird Food Habits!

You have em', I know I have em', almost everyone in the entire world has em'!

Whether it be biting off the head of whatever animal shaped biscuit you're eating, saving a certain flavour 'til last, planning out the perfect amount of milk for your cereal bowl, eating around the outside of the bread to save the middle, soft, fluffy bit until last (I am guilty of this):
Those are the middle bits of 2 delicious toasted wholemeal crumpets with crunchy PB and raw cacao hazelnut butter.
.. or even (this example courtesy of my mum) not being able to enjoy a cheese and tomato toastie without a glass of ice cold milk (she literally puts ice cubes in there!)
Whatever it is, we all have weird food habits (I know I have MANY!) and so I decided to scour the internet to find some of the craziest food habits people have to make me feel a lot better about mine for our entertainment! :)

First of all- many, many more people than you would suspect pour orange juice into their cereal instead o milk...

Hmm, don't know how I feel about this.

Another thing that a large group of people adhere to is shaking milk before they drink it:
I mean, I don't actually drink cow's milk anymore and so I do in fact shake my soy milk and almond milk cartons, but when I did drink milk, I didn't even think to shake the bottle first?? Maybe I should have?

This one I just don't seem to get:
People who fold their pizza slice in half before nom-ing. I mean, it's a perfectly brilliant triangular slice that allows half your mouth to experience the intense flavour of the toppings as soon as it makes contact with your taste buds. Folding it- you just get crust!?

And then there's the even more atrocious:
Seriously!? It's pizzaaaaa!

Ok, now we need to go back to cereal... because...
Yep, ice in cereal is a thing. And a very celebrated one at that!

Along those lines of ice and things that generally shouldn't go with it: Ice cream and fries
I'm just kidding though- I totally used to do this!!

On the topic of strange fast food combos:
The banana on pizza movement is gathering quite the following!!

And finally all the wrong ways to eat these foods:
 Kit kats have breakable sides for a reason!
 Nature created oranges in separate sections. NATURE!
String cheese. If you don't string it , it ain't string cheese!

Now, all of this is in good jest- you do you! Eat however you want. I'm definitely not one to judge:
 I've always separated my 'cereal and milk' (even when it became granola and smoothie).

 I used to lick all the flavour off barbecue shapes and then eat them plain because I thought they tasted better.

And just to throw my brother and sister under the bus:
My  sister used to toast some bread, spread on nutella and then fold it in half to enjoy (once again on the tasting only crust thing- I'm sure it's a lot more common that I seem to realise!)

And my bro pours himself a big bowl of cornflakes, fills it up with milk (to the very top) and lets it sit for around- not exaggerating- 20-30 minutes!

My Dad you ask? Lets just say there will be barbecue sauce on everything he eats. Everything. I'll just leave that with you to roll over in your mind for a bit!

Oh, and my Dad's morning cereal of choice is crushed up Weet-bix on the bottom and Nutrigrain on top soaked in milk for a little bit as well.

So you see, we're all weirdos but if that's how you enjoy your food, then what's the issue?

Your turn:
What is your strangest food habit?
Ever put orange juice in your cereal/ What is your favourite way to eat cereal?
How do you eat pizza?

 I hope you found this as utterly hilarious and a little shocking as I did. Now- enjoy the rest of your day, smile lots and as always; eat something delicious (even if others might not think it is!! ;) Bye for now friends!! :D

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