Monday, 11 April 2016

Food Lately!! :D

Hidy ho friendly friends and happy...wait what day is it??


See Steph is on term1 school holidays and as such, what day of the week it is is irrelevant (except when I have to remember to go into work!)

Wasn't it great when holidays used to mean time off, relaxing and having fun?? Well I guess being in year 12 is a little different and my teachers decided it was a great idea to leave me with 5 assignments for the 2 weeks off... on top of all my other study to catch up and practically re-learn all my other material (so I can actually understand it- hello study notes!)

Anywho, I have been dedicating some much needed time aside to simply chilling out and doing things I want to do- hello YouTube and Instagram- all the foodies and fitties!!

I also went for my first run today (not yesterday like I said I would because I felt my legs still weren't up for it just yet) and whilst they felt extremely stiff and a little funny, I did complete a very short run, stretched and foam rolled and am feeling pretty ok. Hopefully I keep recovery and ease back into it so before long I can be running all over town again!!

Alrighty, now that we're all caught up on my life :P, hows about we move on to chatting about something FAR more exciting? Food anyone??

This is just a simple compilation of some of the deliciousness I have been enjoying lately:


Breakfast has been awarded the MVP of recent meals as there have been some absolute crackers (expect an upcoming post on two very delicious breakfast ideas!!)
 And of course there has been an abundance of my favourite types of breakfasts- like oats!
 This was simply a big bowl of banana cinnamon oats with greek yoghurt topped off with some crunchy peanut butter (actually there was a huge amount of PB in here, scattered throughout as I like to do!) and banana slices:
 Next up we have another favourite- a green smoothie and coconut truffles:
 Into the smoothie went 1 chopped, frozen banana, chopped, frozen avocado, chopped frozen zucchini, kale, spinach, greek yoghurt, vanilla protein powder and water- whazzed up until smooth, creamy, thick and delicious!
 Coconut truffles recipe can be found here (definitely recommend!!)
 And now we come to my all-time favourite Sunday brekky: Because what's Sunday without pancakes??
 A big bowl of frozen banana and frozen strawberry nice-cream with some spelt/ rye pancakes (spelt/ rye flour, rolled oats, almond milk, oat bran, cinnamon- stirry sitr, leave to sit, spray pan, cook :)
 All topped off with either crunchy PB or mixed nut butter- soo good!

 *By the way, each week I know buy a big bunch of very ripe bananas to freeze for smoothies so I never run out!
 Last breakfast of this showcase and it is a goodie:
 Lemon, vanilla cheesecake oats topped with coconut butter!! Simply place rolled oats, sliced banana, vegan vanilla protein powder, lemon rind and almond milk in a saucepan- bring to boil and bubble until absorbed, leave to cool slightly, stir in some greek yoghurt, top with coconut butter- YUM!
 Happy days :)
Lately lunches are all about heaps of fresh veg and in a sort of snack plate form:
 Raw veg sticks, hommus, mashed avocado and a big bowl of air popped popcorn- so delicious :)

This one was awesome:
 Some mixed beans and peas mixed with hommus, fresh tomato, crunchy lettuce leaves to act as wraps and a side of oven roasted potatoes and white sweet potato (my favourite!!)
 Really, truly satisfies. It also doesn't leave me feeling overfull and bloated/ unhappy :D
 This is a beautiful picture:
As for dinners- they are and probably always will be extremely simple, quick and easy to throw together.
Exhibit A:
 That's simply a baked bean and hommus jaffle, left over baked beans that didn't fit and raw sliced veg.

Then we had pasta:
 I had done a pretty intense workout that day and knew I needed to refuel... so I cooked up a bunch of high fiber spaghetti, steamed some pumpkin and peas, cooked up some garlic tofu, et voila! Easy, simple, DELICIOUS!!
 Sometimes that's all my body requires!

Well I have no pictures, but you can bet almost every night after dinner I'll almost always have something- be it a tall glass of cold soy milk, a warmed mug of cinnamon almond milk, a piece of dark choc or some nuts to cap off the day :).

Aaand that's been food recently!

What about you?
What has been your favourite breakfast of recent?
What is your simplest meal of the day? I bet lots of other people would say breakfast- you know pour cereal, add milk- but breakfast is my most creative time in the kitchen!!
Prefer simple dinners or prefer complex flavours etc.?

That's it from me today folks. I hope you all have a lovely day, do lots of lovely things and as always; eat something delicious!! Bye for now friend!:D

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