Tuesday, 19 April 2016

What I Would Tell My Younger Running Self...

Hello there beautiful people!
How are we all today?
That's what I like to hear! (or make up in my mind as your response ;)

Now, today I would like to have a little d&m with both you guys and my inner self about some advice I would give to my younger, more naive, inexperienced, just-starting-out runner self. Because, let's be honest, we'd all do things differently when we first started running after all the trials, errors, injuries and problems we obstacle-hopped in our past.

So without further a do, this is what I would say to little 14 year old Steph; a newly starting out runner with a growing love for the sport, combined with absolutely zero knowledge of what she was doing (wow, didn't even mean to distance myself entirely from this girl- I just think I've come a long way since then I guess!).

1. Steph, you need to start out slow. Everyone does. It's just how running works. Do not get angry or frustrated then you get pooped after running for merely 3 minutes- you ran for three minutes straight- CLAP ON THE BACK FOR YOU! Celebrate all the little achievements you see- focus on them, not the negatives you 'think' you're experiencing!

2. Please, please, please, whatever you do, don't push your body to breaking point. Learn to listen to the signs and symptoms of your body crying out for a rest. Running for 3 days plus will end up wreaking havoc on your body. Notice fatigue and allow your body to rest. Rest days are essential- YOU. NEED. THEM. 

Your body needs them. Your mind needs them. if you want to continue loving running, you need them and if you want to stay fit, healthy and become a better runner in the long run (pun intended) you need to rest!!
3. Fuel yourself sister! No matter how long, or how tough, or what time of day it is- if you've just gifted yourself with a run, have a little something to eat!

In saying that, you're a teenager, a growing teenager who runs and needs extra nutrition and some extra kilojoules to keep your body fighting on. Don't be afraid of food- you need a lot of it! Eat a lot of it!

Today's post-run fuel (breakfast) of a big almost-empty-jar of crunchy PB stuffed with warm cherry cheesecake steel cut oats!

4. And I'll say it again, Steph, don't be afraid of food- if you're hungry it's just a sign that your body needs it, needs the fuel to properly recover and resisting that hunger can only lead to problems (think injury, colds/flu, mental unhappiness etc.)
 Feed the beast! I find big ol grilled sammies do the trick quite nicely:
 Stuffed with a grilled veggie patty, grilled eggplant, capsicum, mushrooms, tomato, spread with hommus and topped with kale- into a sandwich press for a few mins. et voila!
 Also, big fresh sandwiches work too!
 Or open faced sandwiches topped with hommus, avo and poached eggs with a side of cherry tomatoes and two deliciously sweet and juicy small oranges:
5. And on top of that Steph. You're a teenager. You're a teenage girl. You're a teenage girl who doesn't eat meat. You're a vegetarian, teenage girl, who runs. Girl- you got to get your iron in!!
 And the best way I can think of doing that is whazzing a big bunch of both spinach, kale and frozen zucchini up with 2 frozen bananas and a side of warm peanut butter granola for breakfast!
 I shall suffer through this 3 veg breakfast! (Boty this was so delicious!!)
6. And finally Steph (probably most importantly) one potato is not enough:
You need at least three different types, like in this bowl of goodness:
 Purple sweet potato, white sweet potato and regular baby potatoes roasted up in some olive oil and devoured cold for dinner.

Ok, so maybe not the most important point for you, little Steph, but probably the most enjoyable when you let g of those ridiculous food rules of yours and just enjoy a big bowl of cold potatoes for dinner with a tall glass of soy milk and be happy with how it makes you feel :D!

Love yourself, love your body and love to run because I never want you to lose that love in place of something negative and energy draining- running is a blessing, let's hold it dear to our hearts for many, many years to come!!

Your turn:
What's the mos timportant thing you would tell your younger running self?
Favourite post-run breakfast?
How many potatoes do you do? ;P

I hope you all have a truly lovely day, think of all the blessings in your life, appreciate them and as always; EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS (your body needs it!) Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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