Monday, 25 July 2016

Change It Up!

Hey there awesome-sauce people!

Yeah, ok, maybe not. Trying out new intros you know? Changing it up. Keeping things... fresh!

Which, as it turns out, is exactly what I want to talk about today!! (Best. Segue. Ever.)

You see, I've seen around the inter webs and blogs and magazines etc. that one of the best ways to combat lack of motivation-itis is to change things up! Yes, this is mainly to do with fitness and workouts but I think it accounts for all aspects of trying to live a healthier, happier life.

Now, I am most definitely one to stick to the safety and comfort of a routine and sometimes get stuck in a rut for waaayyy too long (think months) just because it was fun the first time I did it, enjoyable the second and then just became habit for the 9836375 other times I did it. For example, always having a nice long bath at 5:00pm each afternoon. It was brilliant the first time, so why not do it every single time?

Or, I suppose more relevant; Doing the same weightlifting routine each week because the first time I did it my arms burned with pure-enjoyment and I felt so strong and powerful afterwards that surely every time I did it, I would get the same outcome right??

Not quite.

See, our bodies are adaptive. They, just like us, can figure out patterns and work out ways to be the most efficient because we are that predictable. Over time, my weight lifting sessions not only became slightly boring and tiresome, I felt no strength or power, I kind of felt burnt out and as a result I wasn't putting in the effort or the high intensity I did on that very first time that produced so many benefits and results.

My body knew what to expect and it was kind of over it. It was also used to the moves, the reps, the weights, so there was little to no improvement day-in day-out.

And I was like; 'Huh?' Because I was working out almost every day, getting my butt out of bed to move my body and what... nothing? No massive guns, or super cool gains? Come on!!

Yeah, thanks Albert, got that now :P

Looking back, it's all so obvious now, but it wasn't until I came across another article (I had read about this in the past) professing just how important it is to change up your routine to maximise results. This got me a-thinking. The next day I jumped into our make-shift mini-gym at home with the weights I always use for my typical, standard session and decided to do 5 more reps of each exercise. And change around the order. And add some new stuff. And throw in some high-intensity cardio just for fun between the rounds.

And I was sweating! My body was burning (included more leg/ ab exercises with the weights) and I was feeling that oh-so-glorious feeling of completing something amazing! The next time I went in for a weight session- I barely did any arms. I squatted and dead-lifted the life out of my legs (still feeling it 2 days later as I write this!!) and incorporated wayyyy too many burped tuck jumps into the routine.  And I was sore, sore, sore that next morning. But that's good! It means muscles you didn't even know existed are finally being worked and your body is adjusting to the new routine!

Change, my friends, it's what we need.

This is no different to eating. Yeah you know I had to bring food into this!! Eating the same thing day-in day-out will not only leave you feeling deflated and miserable and just not excited for your next meal (that terrifies me immensely) but your body will get used to the nutrients and amounts your giving it and will simply plateau in the sense of whatever it is you are trying to achieve; be it weight loss, energy increase, general wellbeing.

Variety is the spice of life, as they say and making sure you're eating a great big variety is how your body will truly thrive. Sure, I definitely eat a lot of the same foods each day, but I make sure to incorporate new and interesting ingredients to those foods, be it a new veggie, home-made sauce/ pesto,spice, herb, grain- you name it! Different nutrients providing the body with the large variety of vitamins and minerals it loves to produce high energy-levels and proper functioning!

Change scares me. It bothers me and gets me all itchy under the skin (mainly changes in lifestyle factors like moving house/ changing schools etc.) but the one thing I was always told as an anxious little kiddliewink? Change is the only constant in life. Which is true. So why should we fight it? And honestly my body has got so much more energy, vitality, motivation and determination than ever before now that I've added change to lots of aspects of my life!

Your thoughts:
Are you a deteste-change kind of person?
Do you find yourself un-motivated/ in a rut doing the same workouts day-in day-out?
How do you spice up your health from time to time?

Well, that was my thoughts on the issue- feel absolutely free to share your own/ your own personal stories. I hope you have a wonderful day, enjoy yourself and everything you do, EAT SOMETHING DELICIOUS and smile- because smiling just such an easy, awesome little thing we can all do to brighten the day! Bye for now friendly friends!! :D

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