Saturday, 16 July 2016

The Most Random Meal Of My Life

You know when you're hungry.

You gotta eat.

Food is on the brain.


You have no idea what food is on the brain? Like trying to picture what sounds good results in a big black wall in the visionary area of the noggin?

You think of different meals and foods, cuisines and flavours and yet nothing quite seems... right?

Ok, I know you've all felt this at some point in your life so no denying it! However, I'm not sure how many of you would have resorted to the meal I threw together during this episode of my own, in the sense of just how random it was.

Judgement is not welcome here people, so when I show you the meal I decided sounded good for lunch as my brain sorted through endless food suggestions I threw at it, you must not laugh!

Well, perhaps you can laugh, because quite honestly it is just plain strange. But no judgement! Food is delicious fuel and whatever way it comes is ok!

Alrighty, presenting my lunch from the weekend passed:

 Ok, I'll walk you through it. On my 'YAY' plate was 1 raw, fresh, sweet, juicy, crunchy carrot... 1 perfectly soft yet still with its integrity, microwaved potato.... and an almost empty jar of cashew butter filled with muesli, almond milk and cinnamon, made in the morning and left to sit for a few hours in the fridge.
 Sneaky peak in the delicious overnight over-morning oats in a jar.
 So yes, none of these foods necessarily go well together, or create a brilliant combo or whatever else food connoisseurs would judge about this meal, but hey, I quite enjoyed crunching on the crisp raw carrot and then sinking my teeth into the hot, fudge-like textured potato, followed by the cooling, sweet, chewiness of the cold oats and cashew butter.
 Call me crazy but eating a potato like it's an apple is just so much more satisfying than chopping up and steaming!
 And then, the real Steph came back to her senses and you know me, try anything, I did the unthinkable:
 And it was awesome! Seriously, for some incredibly unknown and unexplored reason, soaked muesli in almond milk with some cashew butter atop a warm potato- is LEGENDARY.
 Who'd a thunk it, right? Not me, until I created this beautiful monstrosity of a meal.
And so, it just goes to show; listen to your body, go with what it's craving, eat the weirdest most random meal of your life and who knows; maybe you'll just come up with the best combo ever that the world has never thought of before and your taste buds will sing with elation! Or perhaps not, there are some combos that just should not happen together... a few of these come to mind! And also this post I wrote a while back :D!

What about you?
What is the strangest meal you've ever made for yourself?
Strangest but extremely good food combo you've come across by accident?
Peanut butter and pickles? Yay or nay? I just don't know- won't knock it til' I try it though!! :P

I hope you all have a fantastic day- eat for you and not what society deems a suitable breakfast/ lunch/ dinner- eat what sounds good! Also eat a cooked whole potato like an apple; you won't regret it! ;) Bye for now friendly friends! :D

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