Thursday, 13 August 2015

Thinking Out Loud- Blender Catastrophe

Hidy ho friendly friends and welcome to another Thursday, in which I think out loud, in the TOL style thanks to the wonderful Amanda from Spoons.

Yep, that's my intro, yep that is evidence to the amount of functioning brain cells I have remaining from this week.


1. The world stopped spinning (kinda literally... but not literally at all ;) on Saturday the 8th of August as..........
my blender broke!!!

 Not gonna lie, the kitchen looked a little like this, just a bit more purple (I was using blueberries ;)
If you know me at all, you know I LOVE my smoothies, so this was a devastating day (I also ruined my pajama top, which is also devastating and is now stained blue for life!)

Alas, my trusty old friend the food processor came in handy and whipped up my smoothie and all was good. It's just not the same, you know?

2. For some odd reason (post-bender-depression?) I found myself scrolling through Pinterest mindlessly (not all too strange for me) looking at:
beautiful pictures of smoothies!
Ok, Steph that's enough of your first world problems.

3. Ok, one more point about blenders :)
I think this could be a sign for me to finally man up and purchase....

 the blender king, the Vitamix!
It's $1000, so again, maybe not.
I'm sure the blender prince the Ninja works just as well. (Keep on telling yourself that Steph)

4.Ok, I truly am moving on now.
Well, moving on back to an old topic.
My hunger, it's still raging and I'm still filling the body up with ALL the food!

 5.I also think it's time to fill you in on a little trip I'm taking in a few weeks...
I still can hardly believe I'm going on this trip myself- it still seems so unreal!
It's a school trip where about 16 of us students and 4 teachers are heading to Tanzania to help out at a local school there, repairing buildings, teaching English etc.

I knew as soon as I heard about this trip that I needed to go on it. It would be a trip of a lifetime and I couldn't pass something like that up.

In all honesty, I am freaking out, but there is so much excitement and bewilderment inside me that I know all will be well!

In saying that I'll be away for over 2 weeks, so blogging will cease for those 2 weeks (I'm still not going for over a month though) but I'm juts giving you pre-warning well in advance!!

And that's what's been running through my head this week!

Wanna see what everyone else is thinking out loud about? Head on over to Spoons and check out all the other amazing bloggers linking up!

I hope you all have a fabulous day (I'm off to see Hamlet tonight with my Lit class!) tell someone you love them and as always- eat something delicious!! Bye for now friends! :D


  1. My husband wants nothing more than a Vitamix, and we don't even use out blender than much. And Tanzania! How exciting!!

    1. Morgan,
      Your husband is very wise... and maybe getting one will mean you use it more! Ha, I've just had my eye on one for years now (just so darn expensive!!)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  2. That Tanzania trip sounds like it's going to be a great experience! Have so much fun!

    1. Kayla,
      I was drawn to it as soon as I heard about it- I'm sure it will be like nothing I've ever experienced- along with quite challenging! Thanks for your comment :)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  3. Steph, I bought a refurbished Blend Tec a year ago and love it. The company rocks....I had a few problems with the first two blender jars--the blade didn't have enough spin action--all I did was contact the company and they sent me a brand new one no questions asked. Also, they said to just keep the defected one. I tried a Citamix early this year and didn't like it nearly as much...but that's just me. May want to consider a Blendtec though.

    1. Heather,
      I will definitely look into the Blendtec (especially if it's cheaper!) thanks for the tip!
      Steph 2 chefxx

  4. I just cannot imagine a day without my blender now that I am addicated to my smoothies.
    Tanzania trip sounds wonderful.. keep up the good work girl.

    1. Anonymous,
      I am exactly the same!! Don't know how I can live (lol to first world problems ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx

  5. Go for an Omniblend instead! That's what we have and it is BRILLIANT! And cheaper too! I think I have a discount code if you want one so email me if you do!!!

    1. Kristy,
      Wow! Thanks so much, I'll shoot you off an email! :)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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