Thursday, 6 August 2015

Thinking Out Loud- What baffles me!

Hidy-ho friends and happy, happy Thursday!

First of all, the weather. Because that is an acceptable topic to discuss in an introduction and I feel like it needs to be discussed.

Winter, go away!

Ok, discussion over.

Ha ha, okay let me expand. It is Winter over here in Aus and as much as I like rugging up, shuffling around the house with a big, fluffy duna wrapped around me like a very puffy vertically standing caterpillar, there is no way I can get away with doing that at school; a place where I spend the majority of my time! So Winter- go away! I want Summer back!!

Now, with that random intro out of the way, why don't we jump into the other random thoughts that have been traveling around my head during the week in the Thinking Out Loud Style! As always, thanks to the awesome Spoons for hosting this link-up each week!

1. It absolutely baffles me how quickly I can fill up a memory card, now that I'm a food blogger. To be quite honest with you, I didn't actually memory cards could fill up as I had never done so with my regular cameras one.

Since starting this blog, I've gone through about 5.


2. Another thing that baffles me is the amount of mess I can create after cooking something as simple as oats.

Like, where did all this stuff come from? And why does it take that much longer to pack it all away than it does to get it out and make a huge mess? Life's not fair!

3. On the topic of number 2, I have a question for you:
Do you guys make a meal and sit down as soon as it's finished cooking to eat it, or do you have to clean up the kitchen entirely before you enjoy your meal.

I think I do both. At breakfast, I am so so so hungry that I make whatever it is I'm making, add some water to whatever bowls/ saucepans I used to create said breakfast and then EAT!

When it comes to dinner, however, I like to have everything cleaned up and packed away so I can enjoy my meal and not have to worry about a massive clean up afterwards.


4. What are your thoughts on artichoke?

Artichoke is still a very foreign vegetable to me and I still don't think I've found the perfect way to cook/ eat it. I decided this time to steam/ roast it and then eat the leaves dipped in hommus (because it's the closest thing to the typical butter sauce without any butter ;).

I'd love to hear your favourite way of cooking/ preparing/ eating it. Tips are appreciated!!

5. When I was making a list of different blog posts I wanted to write this week I scrolled through my post list and noticed that I had three un-titled draft posts. I clicked curiously on the drafts and was left scrolling through pictures and pictures of past meals that didn't make the blog.

Does anyone else find that they have so many pics they want to share but so little posts to share them in? That and the fact that most of the time a picture of a perfectly boiled egg isn't really all that relevant! ;)
 6. Lastly, this wouldn't be a thinking out loud post if I didn't talk about the week that was my exercise (seriously, this seems to come up every week!) So what's changed?

Nothing, really. Still loving lifting, still loving HIIT, still loving shorter faster runs. I like being in this phase where nothing is really hurting/ stressful/ too good/ too bad. It's a good place to be and it's times like this that go unappreciated. You only think about them when they're gone. So I'm thinking about it now!
 Aaaaannddd that's probably a wrap on this week. Just some of the thoughts tumbling through my mind as I juggle the rest of the hectic nature of life.

Your turn:
Do you go through memory cards at a terrifying rate?
Are you a clean up before/ after eating person?
Favourite form of movement for your body currently?

Want to see what everyone else is thinking about? Head on over to Spoons!

Have yourself an utterly fabulous day, smile, give someone a compliment and give yourself a compliment- 'coz you deserve it!! Bye for now friendly friends! :D


  1. Clean up the kitchen before you eat? Are you CRAZY? I'm lucky if I clean it up the next morning,

    Not a joke.

    But you're so right on how it's easy to prep, and then there's that mess!

    1. Chocolaterunsjudy,
      Good point about the cleaning up, I don't feel so bad now... and will probably become even worse at not cleaning up myself!!
      Steph 2 chefxx

  2. Lol! Heck YES to making the biggest mess even when I'm making the simplest meal. I'll have bags/boxes of things all over my counters, and then have to clear everything up before I eat because I'm kind of OCD about mess.

    1. Amanda,
      I definitely have that side in me and when I start cleaning up... EVERYTHING needs to be put away! Hello cold food!! ;)
      Steph 2 chefxx


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