Thursday, 27 February 2014

Weekly Rap-up

With school and other activities filling up my days, I don't get to post much during the week, so I've decided to do a weekly rap-up of the delicious (and only delicious) meals I have been enjoying...
Hopefully this may provide you with some inspiration if you're stuck in a food rut :)

Starting off the week with some yummy OIAJ (oats in a jar)
Have you seen such creamy oats before in your life:
You simply add your oatbran, milk (I used oat milk) and thinly sliced banana to saucepan, thicken on stove and then whisk vigorously for about 2 mins... yum!

Next, I had a sandwich for lunch...
A super duper time saving sandwich- Roast some veggies (I used pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot) the night before, then add to  sandwich with some mashed lentils mixed with salsa and place in a sandwich press- super delicious!
I'm pretty sure there was some hommus in there too!
Finally dinner:
Steamed greens with sauteed spinach (oil and garlic) two poached eggs and a kind of salsa thingy with toasted seed and dried cranberries and chili.
Another breakfast of the week involved nut butter and toast:
Which is a bit boring so I made a warm banana muesli to go on top:
Then, on Wednesday I had the best breakfast of the week which was a banana microwave muffin with lemon coconut frosting :
Follow this recipe, omit the blueberries and add a whole banana- slightly mashed. Place in the microwave for 1 minute, check, then put it in for another 30 seconds if not set. Then take out from mug, cut in half fill with coconut butter mixed with lemon juice, place back in mug and top with remaining 'frosting':)
Finally, finishing off the weeks recap with today's brekky, which was apple oaties topped with coconut butter, almond butter then cooled. Placed in bowl with grapes and mango raspberry sorbet (mango and raspberry whazzed up in food processor) :
Hope you enjoyed the recap and have some ideas to take away!
Have a fabulous Friday tomorrow!

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